Stop Helping the Enemy~Trust God for Victory!

Trusting God for Victory

Believer, our strength and power come from the Lord. Our hope and joy come from the Lord. No one–no power on earth or hell–can ever take that away!

But…we can give it away. Piece by piece, moment by moment, we can let the enemy bind, steal and destroy that which God is building in us. We can let busyness distract us from God’s call and purpose of our life.

Why would we choose to give away our hope? Our joy? Our strength?

We would never intentionally choose that!  Yet, we do it every day. Every time I allow fear to creep in and overshadow God’s promises of security; every time I let doubt overshadow God’s promises of wisdom; every time I allow busyness to drown out the voice of God–each and every time I listen to the world over the Word of God I give away a piece of my inheritance.

No MORE! The enemy cannot have even a shred of my hope, my joy, my strength, or my promises of God! Not even a shred! What the enemy has intended for my harm, God will use for my good.

The enemy will continue to fight me, but I will no longer help him defeat me through my own lack of faith, understanding, or blindness.

I will fight!

  • I will study God’s Word.
  • I will believe and trust in the promises of God.
  • I will stand strong in the strength of His might.
  • I will daily put on my armor.
  • I will not be naive to the schemes and lies which my enemy, the father of lies is using to try and destroy me. I will not believe his lies.
  • I will believe the Lord.
  • I will believe Scripture as the living, breathing, inerrant, holy Words of God, and I will continually and faithfully apply them to my life.

Beloved, we are in a battle whether we engage or not. We can have victory right here and right now when we trust God. We will have problems. We will have struggles. We will have pain.

BUT God…He will bring life-changing good from each and every moment of our lives if we let Him.

Join me today in saying, “No more!” We will not help the enemy through our unbelief or fear. We will not live distracted. We are not helpless victims being tossed around. We are warriors with divine weapons–let’s fight!


And it all begins with prayer:

Lord, Your Word is truth and it is my weapon against the lies of the enemy. Open my eyes to deeper understanding of Your Word, give me an unquenchable thirst for Your Word–to know it, love it, savor it and trust it! Thank You for the divine weapons You have given me. Now, would You strengthen me to daily pick them up, and use them with boldness, in Your power and in the strength of Your might. You have already overcome this world. I believe Your Word and I trust You. Help me live victoriously, bringing You honor and praise in Jesus’ name. Amen.


 I pray you are abundantly blessed with the fullness of Christ.

Love and blessings,


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Filled with Awe

Awe…upon every single soul…and many wonders and signs! 
Awe is “an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, or fear, etc., produced by that which is grand, sublime, extremely powerful” (….
Who is more powerful than God?  What is grander than His Kingdom?  But, among His followers, where is our awe?  Where is our overwhelming love for our Savior?  We need more reverence, admiration, and yes, even fear and respect for the Lord.  We need awe to come upon us in our everyday, ordinary lives!
The believers in the early church were completely devoted to Christ and to one another.  Above all else, no matter what, they put God first and they loved each other.  No one among them went without.  No one among them suffered alone in silence.  No one among them was excluded.  They lived, worked, ate, prayed, worshiped, rejoiced, and even suffered together with Christ as the Head, Center, and Foundation of everything.  Their devotion to God, and to each other, was the central part of their lives.
This is not the kind of devotion we see in most churches today…and as a result, we don’t experience much awe, and even fewer signs and wonders!  The Holy Spirit is just as ready to fill us with awe; waiting to use us for jaw-dropping, life-changing wonders that will completely transform individuals, communities, and the world.  But as modern-day believers living in relative comfort, we are too often consumed with ourselves.  We must begin to see God for Who He is–all powerful, all knowing, all loving–and remember, it is God (not us) who is in charge. 
The Creator of the entire universe desires a relationship with each of us, and wants to use us to share His love with a hurting, dying world.  Yet we are often so consumed with our own plans, our own lives, our own worries, we have no time or concern for anyone but ourselves.  No more!  

It is time to live as true disciples of Christ!  It is time for us to stop living selfish, weak, powerless, awe-less lives–and live in the victory, freedom and power of Christ! 

v It is time to stop talking about reading our Bibles and actually read them!  With the Holy Spirit’s guidance, we need to learn to apply God’s Word to every thought, every action, and every decision, every day!

v It is time to stop saying we will pray for someone then never do it.  We need to pray with each other and for each other, every day!

v It is time to stop saying we are Christians and then live a life that looks nothing like Christ!

v It is time to love, help, and disciple each other, speaking the truth in love, encouraging others in the faith.

v It is time to be filled with awe and let God do some amazing wonders and signs in us, through us, and all around us!  

Lord, we need Your awe to come upon us.  Fill us to overflowing with holy devotion for You, and sincere love for Your people.  Help us look past our personal problems to focus on You and the needs of others.  Please do incredible signs and wonders in us, through us, and all around us.  In the name of Jesus, amen!

Resurrection Power

I also pray that you will understand the incredible greatness of God’s power for us who believe him. This is the same mighty power that raised Christ from the dead and seated him in the place of honor at God’s right hand in the heavenly realms. (Ephesians 1:19-20)

Easter week is a special time to focus on Christ and remember what He went through and suffered for us, as well as a wonderful time to rejoice over His resurrection!  We celebrate Jesus and remember that because of His great sacrifice and resurrection, we are forgiven, we are washed clean, and we are declared righteous—not because of anything we have done or could ever do, but simply as a gift to reunite us with our Creator and make us holy—thank You Jesus!

I want to understand the incredible greatness of God’s power–this same power that raised Christ and is available to every believer.  I want to live with this power working in me and through me!  Inside every believer, we have an endless supply of life changing, world changing, death defying power, and yet we so often live in defeat and despair because we allow the Spirit to become dormant and quiet inside us, drowned out by the noise of this world.  The Holy Spirit must be so frustrated with me and with so many other believers as we wallow in silly, changeable things rather than take up our sword of the Spirit, armed with truth and knowledge and faith and fight!  Fight for our mental health, our physical health, our friends and family who are lost and hurting, and a dying world!  It is so much easier and comfortable to live in my tiny world and never look up and out—but God is calling every believer to a world changing, life changing faith and strength in Him and I don’t want to miss it!

So I’m wondering, where is the power to change lives and change the world that we see in the New Testament?  Those believers were simple people, fishermen and women who were scared, normal people until the power of Jesus’ resurrection!  Filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, the same power that raised Christ from the dead, they changed the world!  And this power is still available to us today.  It hasn’t diminished or changed–our desire and our focus has!  Where is the hunger for God’s word and a desire to be changed by it?  Where is the outpouring of the Holy Spirit so great that thousands of lives are changed in a moment and then the revolution spreads throughout the world and changes it?   
The life changing, resurrecting, lift giving power is available but we have to live it and use it!  We can’t just play church and go about our lives in a comfortable fog, ignoring the pain and hopelessness around us—every single person who calls themselves “Christian” MUST begin to actually follow, mimic, look like, sound like, and imitate Christ and be changed from the inside out! 
The Holy Spirit is in us and the same power that raised Jesus from the dead is in us!  He is here and waiting for us to jump in and be part of something amazing and world changing—it is time to stop bickering among ourselves inside beautiful stained glass sanctuaries and pristine fellowship halls that keep the hurting world out.  POWER is found in the Holy Spirit and the world needs Him—needs to see Him in us and needs to feel that love!
God is a God of abundance, but too often I wallow in mediocrity.  God is a God of love, yet too often I sink to irritation and annoyance.  God is a God of peace, yet too often I am in turmoil with worry and fear.  God is a God of forgiveness, yet too often I squirm in guilt and self condemnation.  NO MORE!  My God is bigger and stronger and more powerful than anything this world or the enemy can throw at me and I refuse to live a moment longer accepting anything less than His unequaled, unending, limitless power reigning in me! 

So this Easter week, as I remember the sacrifice and celebrate the resurrection, my prayer for myself and every other believer is that we would be completely changed and so incredibly full of the Spirit that we simply can’t be stopped!  That we would unite as the Body of Christ, His beautiful bride, and show a hurting, dying world that there is hope, love, healing, forgiveness and an eternal joy that only comes through Christ Jesus! And He is coming back for His bride!

Lord Jesus, help me live with Your power in my life.  May Your love and peace be so evident and strong in me that others see it too.  Empower me and equip me to not only be changed, but to create change around me and may Your Word go forth and thousands upon thousands be transformed by You!  Fill me and transform me Holy Spirit and use me to Your glory!!

Happy Resurrection!