Season of New Beginnings: A Prayer for the First Day of Fall

A Prayer for this New Season


Happy First Day of Fall!


I pray that as you enter into this new season on the calendar, you enter into a fresh season of closeness with the Lord. Today is a new beginning, a fresh start, a cleansing of the old and a joyful, triumphant entry into the new. Embrace who you are in Christ, and move excitedly ahead toward what He has for you.


Enjoy this day and look forward, not back. Your King has great plans for you, not to harm you, but to give you a future. Embrace it and trust Him!


Father, thank You for this new season. Thank You for the crispness and freshness coming in the air. Thank You for loving me and carrying me through the past season, and I now embrace what You have for me in the days ahead. I trust You and I choose, right now, to surrender all I am to You, knowing You love me fully and faithfully. Strengthen me to live in obedience, encourage me to walk uprightly, empower me to speak boldly in Your name. It’s in Your name, Jesus, we pray. Amen!



Are you facing a challenge in the days ahead? Is God stirring something in your heart that scares you? Excites you? I would love to join you in prayer about whatever the coming days hold for you, and I would cherish your prayers for me. Comment below or on our facebook page and it would be my honor to pray for you.


Love and blessings abundantly!


Stop Helping the Enemy~Trust God for Victory!

Trusting God for Victory

Believer, our strength and power come from the Lord. Our hope and joy come from the Lord. No one–no power on earth or hell–can ever take that away!

But…we can give it away. Piece by piece, moment by moment, we can let the enemy bind, steal and destroy that which God is building in us. We can let busyness distract us from God’s call and purpose of our life.

Why would we choose to give away our hope? Our joy? Our strength?

We would never intentionally choose that!  Yet, we do it every day. Every time I allow fear to creep in and overshadow God’s promises of security; every time I let doubt overshadow God’s promises of wisdom; every time I allow busyness to drown out the voice of God–each and every time I listen to the world over the Word of God I give away a piece of my inheritance.

No MORE! The enemy cannot have even a shred of my hope, my joy, my strength, or my promises of God! Not even a shred! What the enemy has intended for my harm, God will use for my good.

The enemy will continue to fight me, but I will no longer help him defeat me through my own lack of faith, understanding, or blindness.

I will fight!

  • I will study God’s Word.
  • I will believe and trust in the promises of God.
  • I will stand strong in the strength of His might.
  • I will daily put on my armor.
  • I will not be naive to the schemes and lies which my enemy, the father of lies is using to try and destroy me. I will not believe his lies.
  • I will believe the Lord.
  • I will believe Scripture as the living, breathing, inerrant, holy Words of God, and I will continually and faithfully apply them to my life.

Beloved, we are in a battle whether we engage or not. We can have victory right here and right now when we trust God. We will have problems. We will have struggles. We will have pain.

BUT God…He will bring life-changing good from each and every moment of our lives if we let Him.

Join me today in saying, “No more!” We will not help the enemy through our unbelief or fear. We will not live distracted. We are not helpless victims being tossed around. We are warriors with divine weapons–let’s fight!


And it all begins with prayer:

Lord, Your Word is truth and it is my weapon against the lies of the enemy. Open my eyes to deeper understanding of Your Word, give me an unquenchable thirst for Your Word–to know it, love it, savor it and trust it! Thank You for the divine weapons You have given me. Now, would You strengthen me to daily pick them up, and use them with boldness, in Your power and in the strength of Your might. You have already overcome this world. I believe Your Word and I trust You. Help me live victoriously, bringing You honor and praise in Jesus’ name. Amen.


 I pray you are abundantly blessed with the fullness of Christ.

Love and blessings,


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Overwhelmed by God

Overwhelmed by God

Dear one, are you weary and overcome with emotion in your current situation? You are not alone!

We will all be overwhelmed; it’s inevitable. We will have seasons of busyness, times of trouble, and days of doubt. Yet, in God’s grace and mercy, He gives us a choice, an important choice that affects everything else in our life.

We can choose what will overwhelm us…the world or our Lord!

We can be overwhelmed by the world.

This leads to stress, worry, fear, anxiety, busyness, health problems, chaos and death–every negative, painful emotion we can have.


We can be overwhelmed by God!

This leads us to peace, joy, and everlasting strength; calm, serenity, and tranquility–every good and perfect gift that our Father offers.

Let’s choose our loving Father!


Are you overwhelmed? Are your current circumstances more than you can handle on your own? Do you just feel weary and worn down?

There is comfort and peace in Christ! He is bigger than the problem and more powerful than the circumstance. He is with you and wants to give you rest.

Find peace in Him and trust His timing. Let Him replace your weariness with strength, your doubts with awe of Him, your fear with faith, and your turmoil with His perfect peace~be overwhelmed by Him!

Overwhelmed by God


Prayer at HIS feet

Lord, as I am overwhelmed and overcome…let me be overwhelmed and overcome only by You! Help me keep the problems of this world, and my temporary struggles in perspective. Teach me to see everything through Your eyes and from Your eternal vantage point. Strengthen me to remember You are my strength, my protector, my very present help in times of trouble.


You are loved, my friend, and you are never alone. I pray you are abundantly blessed and encouraged today.

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Move From Worry To a Place of Expectation

A Place of Expectation

Are you in a difficult situation? Are worry, fear and doubt preoccupying your mind and creating turmoil in your heart?

God is offering you peace in this moment.

Wait on God, expect Him to act, and trust Him for His answer. In His timing, In His way, He will come through for you. It may be in an unexpected way, but it will most assuredly be the best way! God’s answer will be the path that brings Him glory, and also works out for your best!


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How do you move from fear to peace, worry to expectation?

  • Choose to believe and trust God, and decide right now that you accept His Word as truth. Intentionally choose to believe Him regardless of your attitude or emotions. When doubts come–and they always do–remember, He is faithful!
  • Make a list of at least 5 Bible verses that relate to your current situation. Write them out on note cards or put them in your phone. When doubt and fear begin to rise, read them, speak them, pray them over and over and over until the peace of God floods your mind and begins to transform your thoughts.
  • Replace the worry-filled question, “What’s going to happen?” with the peace-filled, “What’s God going to do?”


You can overcome worry! You can stop fretting and learn to enjoy your place of expectation. Praise God while you wait, and look forward to His amazing, glory-filled answer! Waiting is hard, but keep looking to Your Father in heaven for His plan and remember His promises–you will not only get through this time, you will be victorious!

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Trust God and release your worry! Pray the following prayer and begin to enjoy your current place of expectation. Whatever you’re hoping for…God has something even better!


Father in heaven, I trust You. You know my heart, my thoughts, and my need, and I know You already have the perfect answer. I will praise You while I wait for Your direction. I will follow You even if I can’t see the next step. I will trust You in all things, at all times, no matter what. I am excited to see what You are going to do in me and through me and I will not fear. I pray in the name of Your Son, Jesus. Amen!

Dwell in His Shelter

Dwell in His Shelter

Whatever you are facing, whatever this day may hold, remember Jesus has already overcome the world. In God, you are sheltered, protected, and you have a safe refuge in Him. Rely on His strength, rest in His shadow, and He will guide you through.

Dwell in His Shelter~*~

Lord, You are my refuge, my fortress, and I trust Your Word. You are help when I am in need, You are peace when I am anxious, and You are strength when I am weak. As I face the day ahead, turn my thoughts to You and guide me to do Your will. Thank You for Your help and protection as I dwell in Your shelter and rest in Your shadow. Whatever this day holds, I know You are with me. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

In His Word: Psalm 91

Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High
    will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.
I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress,
    my God, in whom I trust.” (Psalm 91:1-2)

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You Are Loved

You are loved.

Do you know that?  I mean, do you really, truly, deep down, when you’re all alone and life is hard…do you know you are loved?

You are!  And, dear one, you are never truly alone.  El Shaddai, the All-Sufficient God is with you!  He is holding you, protecting you, and guiding you, even when you can’t feel His presence.

You are never left to face the trials and struggles of this life without help.  El Sali, God of my strength is with you.  You have the power of the living God in you and He never leaves you!

You are loved by Immanuel, God with us…God with you!

You are cherished.  You are chosen.  You are part of a “royal priesthood”.  You are loved.


Whatever you are facing in life, whatever your struggle, never forget you are not alone and you are not forgotten.  You are highly regarded in heaven and you are loved by the Creator of the universe.  He has a plan for you and He will guide your steps.  Follow Him, trust Him, and rest in Him~ He will never leave you and He will never forsake you!

Be Still, Psalm 46:10

Father, thank You for Your unending, perfect love.  Thank You for Your Son Jesus. Thank You that in the darkest, hardest, most difficult times, You are with me. Strengthen me to slow down, to be still and know You are God, and to know the depth of Your love for me.  And teach me to love others in the same way.  In the name of Jesus, Amen!


I pray you are filled to overflowing with God’s love and grace!

Love and Blessings,


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A Time to Persevere

love of God

A Time to Persevere

Do you feel unimportant? Are you wondering if what you’re doing even matters? Are you questioning, “Is it worth it?”

First, I would ask, “Did God call you to it?”

If He did, then I can promise you, without hesitation or doubt, that yes, it is important, special, and definitely worth it.

Don’t give up, don’t give in, and don’t quit. You may not see the value right now, you may not see the benefit for some time, but God sees a much bigger picture, the whole picture from beginning to end, and He will use the actions of His people to change the world~one at a time or thousands is up to Him.

You can make a difference in someone’s life, right now, today. Whatever God is calling you to do…do it! And do it with love, mercy, integrity, and joy.

Your obedience to God is all He requires. He will take care of the rest according to His perfect will.

Don’t quit…persevere and leave the results to Him.


Father, I ask for discernment to hear from You clearly, wisdom to understand, and strength to obey immediately. Whatever You call me to do, may I be delighted to do Your will. Help me produce fruit that shares Your love to those around me. Use me for Your will in Jesus’ name, Amen!

love of God

Love and Blessings in our Lord Jesus,


Life in The Light

Life in The Light

Then God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light. God saw that the light was good; and God separated the light from the darkness (Genesis 1:3-4).

Life can get dark. Whether it’s struggles and circumstances, or negative emotions and anxious thoughts, life can be difficult, and, yes, life can get dark.

In those difficult times, remember who God is. Focus on Him and on His power, remember His love, and meditate on His goodness. He has not left you alone to face this life, and He does not intend you to be overwhelmed, overcome, or defeated.

Find strength in Him and in His mighty power for victory over oppressive thoughts, depressive emotions, and negative attitudes. Trust His protection and strength over every circumstance of life.

He is always with You. Always. And He fights for you, He sings over you, and He will never, ever leave you! Stay in His light and watch the darkness flee!

abundant grace and love
The abundant love and grace of Christ changes everything!

Daily Prayer~

Lord, You are light. In You, there is no darkness at all. Fill me with Your presence and power, separate me from darkness in every way, and help me walk with joy in Your brilliant light.  Father, declare ‘let there be light” over me and over every area of my life. In Your might and for Your glory, equip me to live with strength and victory in every situation. In the name of Jesus, Amen.


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May you be blessed abundantly with hope, peace, and most of all, God’s love!


Perfect Peace~Anxious for Nothing

Perfect Peace in Christ~

God’s Word tells us to “be anxious for nothing”. That means we can have complete freedom from anxiety. We don’t need to fret over details or worry about any aspect of life. In Christ, we can have perfect peace~the peace of Jesus!

Perfect peace is a gift when our minds are focused on Christ. Even in the deepest, darkest pit, the peace of God reigns!

When your thoughts are consumed by things of this world, take time to be still in His presence, refocus your thoughts, pray, and remember you are guarded by the peace of God in Christ Jesus. You are a child of the King with a higher calling, important purpose, and He has given you grander things to think about~focus on Him!


Daily Prayer~

Father, I am in constant need of Your perfect peace. Help me focus my thoughts and daily commit myself to You. When my thoughts wander and I begin to worry or fear, teach me to focus on You. Help me remember I have nothing to fear from things of this world. I hope confidently in You, and in Your mighty power. It is You and You alone who saves me, and only in You do I trust. Lord, guard my heart and mind, take my doubts, worries, and fears, and replace them with Your perfect peace and love. In the name of Jesus, Amen!


Are you struggling with anxiety, fear, or other negative emotions? Do you need peace in your life? My eBook, Jesus Peace: Finding Peace in His Presence is 31 days of prayer and devotion seeking the perfect peace of Jesus. It is available on and other online retailers, and will help you find joy and peace even when life is hard.

“Peace has nothing to do with our circumstances. It is not about an easy life, a clean home, or a problem-free day…Peace, true, lasting, perfect peace is all about Jesus!”

With love and prayer for abundant blessings of hope, peace, joy, and all the amazing fullness of Christ!



Glimpses of Glory

Glimpses of Glory

We are surrounded by the incredible, the wondrous, the beautiful creation of God. He has given us glimpses of glory, His glory, detailed throughout His creation, but, in our hurried, busy lives, we too often miss it…in our rush to get everything done, we miss Him. But when we pause, take time to see, really see, the beauty around us, we will see glimpses of glory. We will always find God when we seek Him for He never leaves us. He is always with us and always loves us~always!

God wants to touch your life today. He is calling to you and desires to bless you with His presence, His love, His peace, and His goodness. I know you’re busy. I know your schedule is full and there isn’t enough time to get it all done.

But in God’s strength, and filled with His love, refreshed in His grace, you will find renewal. Somehow, miraculously, if you make Him the priority, give Him your devotion and time, He will not only encourage you, He will equip you to accomplish His plan for you.

Spend time with God today and be renewed, refreshed, and encouraged~get a glimpse of His glory… You won’t regret a single moment!

glimpses of glory

Who is the King of glory? The Lord strong and mighty, The Lord mighty in battle. Who is this King of glory? The Lord of hosts, He is the King of glory. (Psalm 24:8, 10)

Prayer at His feet~

Lord, You are glorious and Your glory surrounds me. Help me not rush through my day and miss the beauty and majesty of You. Help me not be so consumed with my plans that I miss out on Yours. Show me what it means to follow You and devote myself to You. Teach me a deeper understanding of Your love, and strengthen me to share Your love with others. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

Time in His Word: Psalm 24

Has God ever given you a glimpse of His glory? Where were you?


I pray this prayer has blessed you and encouraged you, and I hope you will share it with someone else!

May you be blessed abundantly with hope, peace, and most of all, God’s love!