Choosing Peace

Life is chaotic.  I don’t have to plan or try for chaos-that comes naturally!  I have to plan and prepare for peace–and choose to remain in that peace! Jesus warned us that in this life we would have trials of all kinds, but more importantly, He told us we don’t have to fear because He has already overcome them and He is bigger than any problem or challenge we will EVER face!  Our Savior knows how we feel in every situation and He knows exactly what we need to get through it and grow from it and hopefully then bless others after it!

Our family is in a season of trial right now, but we are also in a season of blessing–all at the same time.  We are facing many health challenges while at the same time we are surrounded and filled with the complete peace that is beyond our understanding!  There are simply no words to describe the calm and the peace that come from God and I have never experienced it as strongly as I have recently.  Even in the face of emergency room visits, hospital stays, and debilitating days of pain and fatigue–God is faithful and good to bring comfort and encouragement at exactly the right time. 

Thank You Lord that regardless of what this life throws at us and what trials are swirling around us, You are always faithful, steadfast, and true! You are my strong tower and my ever present help and I thank You for the peace that surpasses my understanding- Your true peace that is not of this world but a gift from You!  Give me strength to not stray from Your peace or allow myself to get caught up in the whirlwind of circumstances around me, but to stay steadfastly connected to You and abide in You- my source of peace! 

Teaching, Leading, Guiding Towards God

Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers, for you know that we who teach will be judged with greater strictness.  (James 3:1)

Teaching is a huge responsibility. It is a calling that is life changing not only for the teacher but also the student. This verse is a warning and reminder of this responsibility to those called to teach God’s Word. While I may not be called to teach in a public forum, I am called to teach my children and lead them toward their creator and author of our faith. There is an accountability and responsibility that cannot be minimized or ignored. There is a danger of teaching the wrong things or even the right things in the wrong way. I do not ever want to mislead my children or teach them wrong. My main goal and desire is for them to know the Lord intimitately and walk with Him faithfully every day of their lives.

I will fail and I will fail miserably in my own strength. I must begin every day on my knees and ask for wisdom, strength and compassion. I must let God lead me and guide me so that I can lead them in the right direction. Our homeschool belongs to God and we must be listening to Him. I must teach my children to hear Him and seek Him with all their hearts. I must make sure that every lesson lines up with Scripture and is true. This task is too important and I cannot take my responsibility lightly. I cannot glide through the days unintentional. I must be intentional about seeking God and pointing my children to Him!

Father, help me teach my children every day and point them towards You. May my words and actions never be a stumbling block for them. Bless our family with wisdom and strength to follow You, to hear You, and to obey You. Help us equip our children with the knowledge of You and Your Word that will prepare them for whatever their future holds. I know You have a plan for them. Thank You for allowing me to teach them about You. Please equip me to do so and bring You glory! In Jesus’ name, amen.