Trusting God When Life is Hard

Trusting God is a choice, one we must make daily. He is faithful and can be trusted, but it is up to you and me to choose to trust Him.

Give Him whatever is weighing you down, whatever is troubling you, whatever is causing you pain~give it to God today and watch Him create something beautiful out of it. And He will bless you with rest!

“Then the Lord said to him, “Go back to the land of your fathers and to your family, and I will be with you.” (Gen. 31:3)
 Jacob had wronged his brother long ago, and now it was time to “fix” it. He had no idea how his brother would react to seeing him.  He was afraid.  But, he knew God is bigger than fear, stronger than any danger, and he chose to trust God.  He trusted Him with the details enough to obey.
God wants us to have true peace and lasting joy.  Not just on the surface, but deep inside in our innermost heart.  Late at night, when the world is still and quiet, He wants us to rest in complete peace!
And God knows, the only way for lasting, perfect peace—we must deal with our “stuff”.  We can’t cram it down, hide it, ignore it, or run from it.  No, the only way to be truly free is to remove its hold, its power over us, by bringing it into the light and trusting God.
God wants us to live in complete freedom in every way!  Sometimes we need forgiveness. Sometimes we need to forgive.  Sometimes, we need both.  But there is always freedom!
Trust, Obey, Rest…Repeat
Is there something (or someone) from your past that needs God’s reconciliation? Forgiveness? Grace? Give it to God and watch Him do the miraculous in you and through you. It won’t be easy.  It might be one of the hardest things you’ve ever done.  But when we obey God, He will bring healing, freedom, and joy…
Trust God for the miraculous!  Go… right now!
God is always with me
Lord, You direct my path and guide my steps.  
Quiet my thoughts, help me be still in Your presence and hear You.  
Whatever you ask me to do, strengthen me to obey with confidence and joy, 
knowing You are with me. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

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 And I pray you are blessed beyond measure!



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Real Relief

We all have pain, hurts, mistakes, and regrets.  We have been hurt, and we have inflicted hurt on others.  We have pain, and we have caused pain.  And It doesn’t matter if the offense is intentional or accidental, it still hurts and we want, we need, relief.

Whether seeking relief from mild discomfort or debilitating pain, headache or migraine, a hurtful word spoken or a horrible deed, we can only find real, lasting relief in one way…it’s not necessarily the shortest way, and it’s often not the easy way…but it is the only way if we want true, lasting, and meaningful relief!

When life hurts emotionally, physically, or spiritually, when we are distressed, upset, or in pain, our first, most natural reaction is to find the quickest, simplest way to bring relief…to fix it.  Sadly though, unless we truly fix it, we empower it.  If not dealt with properly, our issues will grow bigger, stronger, and possibly out of control.  Anyone relate?  Anyone been there?  Anyone there now? Think mountain out of a mole hill!  A tiny cut if left unclean and allowed to fester can grow into a raging, life-threatening infection–and this is true emotionally, physically and spiritually.

We must find real relief of the problem, not just temporary relief of the symptoms.

There are many ways to find quick-fix relief. Most of us have tried at least one, possibly tried most, and probably have tried them all in one way or another. But these are temporary solutions and rarely if ever will bring the actual comfort and relief we need–but that usually doesn’t stop us from trying!


Searching for Relief~ (spoiler alert… these don’t work, but we do them anyway.  Keep reading–there’s a better way and real relief is coming!)

We Try and Cover It

Embarrassment, guilt, shame, fear…any negative result from any poor choice will lead to discomfort and we will seek relief from the consequences by trying and covering up.  Whether we try and hide it or disguise it, the problem is still there, waiting to get bigger.  We are simply “putting lipstick on a pig.”  The “pig” might look better for a moment, but the lipstick–the covering–will smear, it will come off, and the “pig” is just the same.  No, actually, the “pig” is now dirtier, smeared with the very thing that tried to conceal it.  Covering–hiding–only lasts a short time, and, when uncovered, will always be worse!

We Try and Run From It

“I can’t think about that today.  I’ll think about that tomorrow.  For tomorrow is another day.” (Scarlett O’Hara in Gone With the Wind). Putting off for later what we need to deal with now only leads to more to deal with! Trying to ignore the situation drains our strength and feeds the problem.  We end up weaker with a stronger adversary.  We know in our hearts this is bad, very very bad.  But that doesn’t stop us from trying, from trying to get as far away as possible and ignore it.  “Out of sight, out of mind?”  We may not be thinking about it,but we can be sure it will return.  Given time to grow, to fester, when it returns–and it will–it will always be worse!

We Try and Fill It

When we have pain inside, we want it to stop.  We want comfort.  We want relief.  And we will often turn to something to ease our pain, numb it, disguise it.  The pain is still there, but we–for a time–can be unaware of it.  But, just like covering it up, it is simply festering under the surface, growing in the background. There are countless medications and activities to numb or distract us from the pain.  Many can become addictions–alcohol, drugs, food, the list is endless.  We simply want the pain to stop, the ache to go away.  But, we inevitably just create a new, often worse problem–and it will always be worse!


Finding Relief…Real Relief


Real relief, true healing, perfect peace, can only be found in Jesus!

Seem too simple?  It is simple, but difficult also.  The path to relief begins with recognizing our need for Jesus. And the first step toward Him (and His relief) is complete surrender–this is not easy!   We can become so busy, so overwhelmed with the problem, we miss the One source of relief.  He already knows the problem, and He is the only One with the power to fix it!

He doesn’t cover the problem…He Covers Us!

Jesus has overcome every pain, problem, and sin of this world–there is nothing, nothing, we can do, think, or say that changes this!

When we choose to believe Him, take Him at His Word, then there is nothing that can hurt us!  As children of God, we have the covering of the blood of Jesus, the blood that washes us clean and makes us holy.  We still sin, but God doesn’t see our sin, our ugliness.

Covered by Jesus, we are seen as Jesus.  Will we make mistakes and let our flesh peek out?  Of course!  But the covering can never be removed, can never be torn, can never be damaged.  Jesus is perfect and He replaces our dirty garments with a garment of praise.  He takes our “ashes”, our blackened, charred sinful lives, and He makes them beautiful.  He protects, redeems and restores.  In Jesus, we find real relief!

Jesus Strengthens Us to Run to Him…to Soar!

Jesus, the Son of God, did not run away.  He didn’t hide.  He faced challenges and struggles head-on and taught His disciples to do the same.  He teaches us to do the same and He strengthens us to fight.

He has given us impenetrable defensive armor that protects us from our enemy, and He has armed us with the Sword of the Spirit.  We are not powerless and we are not weak.  In Christ, we are empowered, equipped and protected. Our hope is renewed and we can soar on wings like eagles. But when we try to live, and fight, in our own strength, with broken, weak weapons of this world, we will lose hope, lose faith, lose the battle.

Jesus has already won the war, but we can lose many battles if we fight alone, without Him.  In Jesus, only Jesus, we find victory–we find relief!

Jesus Fills Us…Completely!

Jesus is not a temporary fill that takes the place of something else.  No, He removes the bad and replaces it with something beautiful.  He creates beauty from pain.  He makes a brand new creation–of hope, joy, and peace. He offers grace and forgiveness the old is completely gone!  Our sin, our imperfections, our ugliness, they are gone!  Replaced by Jesus’ perfect, holy life.  Never again do we need to re-live or hide from our past.  He has redeemed it, washed it clean, and created something glorious with the pieces.  There is no shame, guilt or condemnation because it is gone!

We need more than relief, we need healing.  And in our healing, we gain relief as a bonus!  This world offers aspirin and a band-aid when we really need a heart transplant! Jesus is the one and only true source of relief–the only hope, the only joy, the only salvation!  Trust Him today and find relief!
Thank You Jesus for loving me, dying for me that I might live!  In You, I have relief from torment and victory over death.  Teach me to live in Your strength, Your peace, Your victory and strengthen me to overcome.  In my weakest moments, remind me to turn to You first!  In Your name we come boldly to Your throne, amen!
Do you need the perfect peace, the relief, that Jesus brings?  If you don’t yet know Him, don’t wait another day.  Simply ask Him and He is with you.  Speak with your mouth, ‘Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart God raised Him from the dead, and you will be saved!  (Romans 10:9).  The peace is so incredible and the relief is so amazing–don’t wait!  Accept Him today!  Please let me or another believer know so we can celebrate with you (and the angels in heaven who are rejoicing over you!)  We can also help guide you on this new and exciting journey!
I praise God for you and pray all manner of blessing in your life!  If you have been blessed in any way by this post, please leave a comment or share it! 
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Growing Pains

My son spent a few days in the hospital last week. He has rare and potentially serious health risks so his doctors tend to be extremely cautious, and because of his symptoms, he was admitted to the hospital .  Thankfully, it wasn’t serious and he was able to come home yesterday where he is recovering quickly.  We rejoice and praise God!

There is nothing I have experienced in life harder than watching my child, my son, suffer in pain, endure medical tests, procedures, and surgeries, and fight for his life.  He has battled many, many times and we have faced the very real possibility of having to say goodbye.

Thankfully, through prayer and amazing medical miracles, God has brought healing.  He has also brought strength!Enduring through these health scares has deepened my faith exponentially.  It has strengthened my husband’s faith, our family’s faith, even friends have shared how much they have learned to trust God as they have prayed for our son!  We rejoice and praise God!

Throughout every challenge in life, health, financial, emotional, you name it, God is faithful!  He never leaves us, never forsakes us, and never, ever abandons us to face trials on our own.  His powerful, comforting presence is always with us.  But He doesn’t always remove the challenge right away.  And, we must accept that He may not remove it at all.

We’ve heard the saying that sometimes He calms the storm, and sometimes He calms His child.  This is true, and, either way, He wants deeper, stronger faith that can withstand any storm.

My best friend recently shared a tender moment between her and her daughter that has touched my heart and reminded me about the importance of growing spiritually.  She has been experiencing horrible aches and growing pains that keep her awake at night.  One night, recently, she asked her mom…

“Why can’t I just grow peacefully?”  

She understood that the pain was a result of the growing process.  She would be taller, stronger, more mature, but first she had to go through the process.  She had to grow.  She just wished it could be peaceful rather than painful.

But growth it seems is never peaceful.  We earn our character, stature, height, wisdom…our maturity comes from growing, and growing almost always hurts! And just like a child who is getting bigger, we must earn our spiritual growth too.

God wants our faith to be stronger, and our understanding of Him to continually grow deeper.  He desires for us to grow in wisdom and love. But He also knows that to receive the full benefits, to reap the full rewards, we have to endure the growing process.  And, that often means growing pains.

When hardships and trials come or tragedy blindsides us, we may be tempted to cry out in anger and ask God “Why? Why did this happen?  Why did You allow this?”  And in these moments of heartache, in the midst of suffering, and during the struggle, we are faced with a choice.  And it is a huge choice with life-changing consequences–eternal consequences!


We Must Choose


Option 1~~We can trust God, remembering His faithfulness, reminding ourselves that if He has allowed this pain, then He will use it for good.  We can choose to trust God and allow Him to bring comfort, love and peace through the growing process, understanding and remembering that we will reap the benefits of a more mature, enduring faith, even in the pain and suffering of the moment.

Option 2~~We can get angry, allowing unforgiveness and bitterness to take root and grow.  We can focus on our pain and the situation, only looking inward at ourselves and our own feelings.  We can run from God and unwittingly choose to live in agony.  Our pain will grow, and the hope inside us will begin to die.

And make no mistake, we will make a choice.  And if we are not intentional to choose God and move toward Him, we will slip and slide away from Him–not choosing God is choosing to leave Him! And we will reap the consequences of our choice.

One choice leads to peace, comfort, and unbelievable growth.
The other only leads to more pain.

One choice offers hope.
The other removes all hope.

One choice leads to life.
The other only leads to death.

The choice is completely ours to make.  We must choose wisely and we must be intentional about our choice. God will never force us to Himself, but He will call us and empower us with wisdom…if we ask.  So how do we choose correctly?  How do we ensure that in the hardest moments of our life, our faith will stand?


Ideally, we will begin to prepare our hearts and minds before tragedy strikes.  Jesus has warned us that we will face trials of every kind, hardships, even persecution.  We need to live aware of the risks, but even more aware of the power of God which is in us.  Choose right now, today, how you want to react to the next struggle.  The trial will come, but Jesus has already overcome!



Prayer is a powerful weapon and essential to living on purpose.  God is fully aware of what He will allow in our lives.  He is also fully prepared to help us, lead us, guide us, and teach us through every situation if we let Him.  Spend time in His presence before, during, and after hardships–in every moment, God’s Spirit is with us and He will use all things for good–let Him!


Transparency and humility will make all the difference! We must put aside our pride, stop trying to “have it all together”, and we must recognize the sin of relying on our own strength to persevere.

We tend to respect and reward stoic, “I can do this” attitudes, forgetting that it is God who is the true source of strength. We weep in private and smile in public. We fake endurance and decline help when it is offered.  And we are not only robbing ourselves of the true healing strength that God offers, we deprive others the joy of serving God and loving His bride.


We must learn to be transparent with our brothers and sisters in the faith. And, we must learn to love others above ourselves. Sometimes we will be in need, and other times, we can offer comfort.  We must learn to do both in joy and humility!


We know we can’t always control our circumstances, but we can decide how we will react to them. And in every moment of life, we have a life or death choice to make.

Will we grow, or will we wither and die?  


The Holy Spirit has been given to us, and through Him, God’s love has been poured into our hearts. We have peace in abundance and incredible hope, even in times of trial.  Our sufferings begin a growing process in us that leads to endurance, character, and hope.  In our suffering, we have the opportunity for growth, the chance to develop a mature faith that will never fall or stumble, but will stand triumphantly no matter what storm is raging around us.


So can we grow peacefully?  Can we ever say a prayer or do a good work, and poof, instantly be more mature, stronger in our faith and trust?  Well, God can do anything, and in Christ, we can do all things, but, for lasting growth, for true, deep strong maturity, we almost always must go through the process, and endure growing pains.


This is how we learn endurance, develop character, and increase in hope.  This is how we become unshakable.  This is how we come to know, without a doubt, no matter what, that God is faithful and loves us.  Always!And this is why we can rejoice in all things–even our suffering! Not because we enjoy suffering, but because we know it will lead to a deeper, more intimate relationship with God!


So often, we want immediate healing, instant answers to our prayers, quick results.  But God wants deeper faith, complete trust, and stronger followers.  So today, whatever you are facing, trust God. Ask for healing, pray for miracles, and trust Him that His answer–and His timing are perfect!  And remember, even though the process hurts, there are amazing, unbelievable, eternal rewards when we trust God!
Father, You are faithful.  You are good.  You love me.  Help me trust You completely and rejoice in all things, even in my suffering.  You will grow me, and develop my faith as I learn to overcome and find strength in You.  Thank You for Your Holy Spirit who comforts me, sustains me, and fills me with Your love.  I choose to trust You and let You grow my faith in You until I am unshakable.  In Jesus’ name, Amen!
“Not only that, but we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.” (Romans 5:3-5)


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Jesus Peace

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Come experience the incredible, life-changing peace that only Jesus can give.  This 31-Day Devotional will transform you as you trust in Jesus and find His perfect peace.

In every situation and every season, we can find peace, strength, and rest in the comforting presence of Jesus.

Peace has nothing to do with our circumstances.  It has everything to do with Jesus!


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Why is Good Friday “Good”?

Jesus died on “Good” Friday.  He suffered in pain and anguish as He was beaten, tortured, and crucified.  His family and friends watched in horror as He died an excruciating death while others mocked and spit at Him.  So how can we possibly call it “good”?  It is the most horrific day in history when the Savior was brutally killed because of our sin!

If the story ended on Friday, there would be nothing “good” about it.  It would be the saddest, most depressing story of mankind.  BUT, thankfully, it doesn’t end on Friday.  Instead, it is the most joyous, incredible, amazing story of salvation, freedom, renewal, and life–because Sunday is coming!

When Jesus rose from the dead, He beat death.  He triumphed over everything dark and sinful, and declared victory over the enemy.  The battle isn’t over yet, but Jesus has already won and He offers to share His victory with us!

Remember, no matter how bad your circumstances are, there is always hope! Even on the saddest day in history, hope won the day.  Ask Jesus to come into your situation and bring hope, restore peace, and overwhelm you with love–His love.  Just as Easter morning changed the world, Jesus changes everything!  Trust Him!

Lord, thank You for loving me with an unconditional, complete love.  I am nothing without You and I surrender everything to You–my heart, my mind, my life, and every thought and action.  Change me from the inside out, transform me to be life You.  Thank You for saving me! In the name of Jesus, amen! 

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A Daily Choice

Today, we have a choice.  Will we grow closer to God?  Or will we drift away in the busyness of life?  

Every new day ushers in fresh opportunity.  I can choose to grow closer to God, or I can allow myself to fall away from God…It’s up to me to choose. And falling away doesn’t always happen in big leaps, but often in small, unnoticed, unintentional slips. Seemingly unimportant decisions that don’t line up with God’s Word, and move me in the wrong direction.  

Let it never be so! I want to be closer to God when I go to bed, than I was when I arose. Every day, every moment, I want to deepen my understanding, my love, and my devotion to Him. So today, I will choose, not based on my circumstances, but based on God’s character and goodness.  

·        I will choose to love God!  

He loved me enough to send His son to die in my place before I even knew Him- so no matter what is going on around me today, I will love Him.
·        I will choose to praise God!  
He has never let me down, and even in the struggles and pain of life, I know He loves me.  He will comfort me, protect me, and shelter me!  So even in the darkest, scariest times, I will praise Him- not because life is easy, but because He is worthy!
·        I will choose to love others!
I will share the love of God with others because God loves me, and His word tells me to!  So even when I am hurting, even when I’m scared, even when I don’t want to, in His strength, I will love those around me!
·        I will choose to rejoice!

This is the day that the LORD has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it! (Psalm 118:24).  I do not rejoice because my life is easy or only on the days that I “feel” happy.  I will rejoice because God is love and He is giving me the opportunity today to rejoice- so I choose to rejoice!

We are always, constantly moving in a direction–either toward God or away from Him, closer to family or further away, growing friendships or losing them. If we are not intentional about our relationships, we will become more distant with each passing day.

We live in an age of technological friendships and intense loneliness, but the Savior of the world, the lover of our souls, is always with us.  I don’t want to be so busy, I miss Him!  I want to be intentional with my time, my thoughts, and my focus.  And I choose God!

~In seasons of waiting, God renews my strength; in seasons of trial, God comforts me and brings peace—and in all things, no matter what, I will choose to trust Him and praise Him because He is faithful, He is trustworthy, and He is worthy to be praised! 
Father, thank You for loving me even before I knew You.  Thank You for always being my refuge, my comfort, and my rock.  Help me and strengthen me to serve You, trust You, and praise You no matter what my daily circumstances are!  In Jesus’ name, amen!

Jesus Peace

Peace… what a beautiful word!  It brings to mind moments of calm and tranquility, serenity and beauty—and of course, peace and quiet!  It is truly a beautiful word and even more beautiful feeling—yet one that can be elusive at times. 
In Christ, we can have true peace, lasting peace, even in the middle of a fierce battle or storm raging around us, when our most natural reaction would be fear and chaos—we can be filled with indescribable peace deeper and greater than anything we can understand–Jesus Peace!
Jesus said, “Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you.  Do not let your heart be troubled, nor let it be fearful.”  (John 14:27).  He has given me His peace!
What does it mean to have the peace of Jesus? 
·        It means that when the storm is raging, I can still be calm.
·        When my world seems to be caving in, I can be strong.
·        When nothing around me makes sense, I can rest in my knowledge of Him who is my rock and higher then me.
·        No matter what—I can have peace!
The world does not give selflessly or freely.  Nothing in this world is truly free without a hidden cost or expected return or favor.  Jesus, though does not give as the world gives!  He has given us peace that cannot be earned or bought and its not meant to be borrowed—it is meant to fill us and sustain us and carry us through every storm. 
We can ignore His peace though.  In the same verse, He warns us not to lose our peace.  He says, “do not let your heart be troubled nor let it be fearful”—I have some control over how much peace I feel–the peace is there but I can miss it if I let myself be troubled!  

How do I keep from being troubled or fearful?  My focus must be on the peace-giver!  Just as He grabbed Peter and kept him from sinking, His hand is outreached to me (and you) and He offers peace—real, lasting, powerful peace!
Grab His hand today and let Him hold you and guide you through whatever this day brings and never let go!  Enjoy the peace He gives and He will carry you through the roughest, scariest waters!

Father, thank You for the peace You have given us through Your Son, Jesus!  Fill me today with Your perfect peace and help me stand strong against the waves, the wind and whatever would try to steal it.  Keep my focus on You as You lead and guide me today in the name of Jesus, amen! 

God’s Farmer

On first glance, this verse would be easy to dismiss as irrelevant…but God is showing me how critical and relevant it is– right now, today!  This verse jumped off the page for me today and really got me thinking about what it means to work the land.  Farmers must break up the hard soil, plant quality seeds, water and nourish the growing seed and baby plant, and then weed diligently to keep the plant healthy and protect it from the weeds that would steal its nutrients and destroy it.

Even though I’m not a farmer and I have no physical land to work, this verse is convicting and challenging because I do have my “land” and I have responsibilities to tend to those things God has put in my care…and the people! 

I want to have a teachable spirit and make a difference for God’s Kingdom!  So I must work and make sure the “land” of my heart (my thoughts, my attitudes, my words and actions, etc) is not getting hard and crusty.  I want my heart and my life to be soft and ready for whatever God has for me!

I want to be filled with truth and knowledge and reflect the glory of God!  So I must work to fill my life with only good quality seed-the Word and truth of God!  I must choose wisely the seed that is planted inside my heart and make sure it is holy and true.

I want to overflow with the love and power of the Holy Spirit!  So I must work to constantly surrender my wishes and desires and give Him complete Sovereignty in my life.  I must allow the Holy Spirit to fill me and renew me from the inside as I spend time in prayer and the Word.  Only God can change me–He will do the heavy lifting, but I must surrender my load!

I want to grow strong and healthy in the Lord and I want to make a difference in His Kingdom!  I want to fulfill His call on my life, I want to finish well and someday hear “well done”!  So I must work to continually pull the “weeds” from my life–those things that would distract me and lead me toward worthless pursuits.  Even “good” things become worthless if they lead me away from my God!  

So, today I realize I am a farmer in God’s Kingdom and my land is me.  I can’t sit back and rest or I will wither and brown and the weeds will overtake me.  I must work in order to see the glorious fruit that is to come!  I also realize that as a mom, a wife, a friend–every title in my life–I am a farmer to those I love and those I am called to love, which is everyone I meet!   Jesus told me (and you) to love others as He loves–so I must work!

Lord, God, help me focus on the things that matter today and not be distracted by worthless pursuits. Strengthen me to work diligently at the tasks You lay before me and may You be glorified by everything I do and say today. And tonight, when this day is over, may I have made a difference for Your Kingdom! In the mighty name of Jesus, Amen!

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True Freedom

freedom in Christ, 1 Peter

Happy 4th of July!  As we celebrate Independence Day and our freedoms as Americans, let’s remember that our true freedom is in Christ!  Every believer is co-heir with Christ and we have the power of the Holy Spirit in us- we are blessed, forgiven, washed clean and we are free!  Free from all condemnation!  Free from all guilt and shame–every sin is washed away in the blood of Christ and we are declared righteous and holy!

Enjoy today as a redeemed child of God and give Him glory!
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We have a very real enemy, and he is prowling around like a lion to see who he can devour first.  Beloved, we must stand strong on the Word of God, armed with His truth, so we not only defeat the enemy, we can rise higher and higher to the life God intends for us–a life of victory and freedom!

What lies are you holding onto?  What deceptive thinking has replaced the truth of God in your life?  What is it that you need freedom from?

Find complete freedom at the feet of Jesus!  It’s time to let go!