I am so humbled and blessed that God would allow me to write and share His love with others. The books listed below are available in print or for Kindle.  Please take a moment to visit my Amazon author page.  Leave me a comment and let me know how God is using prayer in your life!

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Available Books:

Praying the Word of God for the freedom that is ours in Christ.  Every redeemed believer has the power of the living God inside and Christ has declared us free- don’t live another moment in bondage to sin!  There is complete freedom and perfect peace waiting for you in the arms of Christ!

     Prayers of Healing- A 40-Day Prayer Journey

 A 40-Day Prayer Journey asking God for healing from every disease, affliction  struggle and addiction.  God hears our prayers and loves us with an  unconditional love.  While we don’t know whether His answer will be yes, no,  or wait, we do know He hears us and will comfort us in our time of need so I  pray you will rely and rest on His Word.  Cry out to our Creator who is our  Great Physician.  He knows our need and will use every struggle for strength  and for good as we trust Him for healing.

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