The Eternal Gift of Christmas

It doesn’t feel like Christmas.

I shared those words a few years ago (you can read the original post here). This year isn’t really different; yet, in some ways, it is completely different! Life changes. The details of life–the who, what, where–it all changes, sometimes overnight. But the eternal gift of Christmas, the peace of Christ, never changes. He never changes, and His peace never changes–ever!

In the last few years, we have experienced healing–truly miraculous, medical-defying healing! We have had celebrations, victories, and many reasons to rejoice. We have also had chronic illness, tears, heartbreak, and devastating loss…we have faced struggles just as I imagine you and your family have.

Christmas is a time to celebrate, and an opportunity to remember.

As we prepare to celebrate Christmas in just a few short days, I’m reminded of our loved ones who aren’t going to be with us this year. My earthly heart aches to see their face, hear their voice, their laugh, feel the bear hug that would squeeze the breath out of me and let me know how much I’m loved, or to hold two precious baby nieces in my earthly arms rather than one.

But they’re not here. Jimmy, Buddy, Bill, Baby Harper…I’m sure you have someone you are missing as well. We all have loved ones celebrating with Jesus face to face. They are in paradise, no pain, no sadness, nothing but celebration and joy–a joy we can’t even imagine here on earth. So, while my heart aches to see them, my spirit rejoices for them and even longs for the day when we will join them!

Because of the hope we have in Christ, I know a joyous celebration awaits!

But it still hurts. Many are hurting. Many have lost loved ones. Many are struggling. The pain is deep and raw, and can sometimes feel overwhelming. How do we celebrate Christmas when we are hurting? How do we rejoice when we are grieving?

How do we get, and keep, the perfect peace of God? We go to Him, the Author of our faith, our Counselor, our friend. He is the Prince of Peace and He offers us His perfect, complete peace. We rest in Him.

 We can grieve and still have peace. We can cry and still have peace. We can…in all things, at all times, no matter what, we can still have peace. True, genuine, complete, eternal peace…

In Christ Alone! 

We are not alone. In Christ, we have a joy and hope that cannot be explained in human emotions or words.

We can’t always make sense of it. We may cry out “Why?” and we don’t always get an immediate answer. But He hears. We are never alone, not for a second. The LORD, God, is faithful, good, and true. We can trust, and thus, rest, in Him.

Through it all, the joy and the sorrow, God never leaves us. His peace is a prayer breath away, and even when we can’t feel it, we can know it to the depths of our being. His comforting presence, His upholding strength, His never-ending love are always with us!

His peace is perfect, complete, and eternal–and it is ours! Jesus has given us His peace for now, and for eternity. His peace is a gift for every believer and it is ours to accept and hold onto through the fiercest storm, the hottest fiery trial, the most devastating, earth shattering loss–through it all, we can have peace. 


Whatever this Christmas looks like for you, I pray you feel and know the overwhelming peace and comforting love of the Lord Jesus! As we celebrate the joys of this season, and also grieve the losses of the past, let us not lose sight of the promises, the joys, that the celebration Baby Jesus brings.

As we celebrate His birth, we must remember His death. As we remember His death, we get to celebrate His resurrection! And that changes everything!

His resurrection is the promise of redemption, forgiveness, and our glorious reunion in heaven one day with Him and with all those who have gone before us. That is truly a celebration!




Love and Blessings in Christ,





Are you struggling? Would you like to learn more about the peace of Christ? My prayer book, Jesus Peace, is a 31-day prayer journey of discovering, accepting, and growing in His free gift of His Peace. I hope you will order it and I pray you are blessed with the peace of Christ beyond human understanding!


Here is the original post on finding peace at Christmas. I pray you are encouraged and blessed!

Who is Your Center?

My son really loves football! His football season has recently ended, and he is already looking ahead to next year.

But this post isn’t really about football. Even if you care nothing about football, this is so good and I hope and pray you will read to the end. God has something very special to teach us and it has moved me to tears!

But first, in order to get where we’re going, you need the background. You need to know-

The football part…

My son is the center this year. This is a new position for him so he is spending countless hours practicing, improving, and learning all he can. He’s doing great, not only through my own “mom eyes” but others have commented how well he’s been doing especially given it’s his first time in this position. I’m so proud of his hard work and incredible attitude. He wants to be the best he can be and never gives up!


football center


I have been learning a lot too. I enjoy football and, over the years, I’ve picked up the basics. After all, it invades and completely takes over my home for at least half the year, every year, for the last 21 years. Add in two teenage boys and their friends and well…I’ve learned a lot about football, the good, the bad, and the smelly.

But I have a new respect for the center as a position, and I am in awe for what God has been teaching me.

It has been fascinating to learn how integral this position is to the team. We tend to know the names of running backs, wide receivers, and everyone knows the name of the quarterback. He is the one we think of as responsible for success or failure.  A lot of responsibility and pressure falls on him and he will get all the glory…or all the blame! But he’s not alone.

Before the quarterback ever touches the ball, it must go through the center’s hands—every single time! If the center doesn’t do his job, the play is dead before it ever had a chance.  It all starts with the center. I have a new respect for him and his position.

Jesus is the Center

Watching practice one night, God took this deeper for me. He spoke to my heart and took my breath away. “I am your center.”

Okay, please go with me here…Yes, Jesus is to be the center of our lives. We sing it, we know it, we pray for it…but what does that really mean?

Jesus must be first.

He is the single most important aspect of absolutely everything—our success or failure, not in a game, but for eternity depends on our acceptance of Him into our life!

The very first step is accepting Him as our Lord and Savior. Without Him, nothing else matters and we are doomed to an eternity of sadness and pain.


Is He Lord of your life? If not, please don’t go further without meeting Him. Invite Him into your life and accept His gift of forgiveness and eternal life. Oh, the joy and peace that He brings—don’t wait! Ask Him to be your Lord and Savior. I promise you will never, ever regret it!


And our transformation doesn’t stop with salvation. In Christ, we are a brand new creation. The old is gone, the new has come…and the new is oh so beautiful!

He must be first!

To grow and mature in Christ, we must surrender our desires and give Jesus His rightful place front and center. He must be first in every way. We must surrender our hearts, thoughts, desires…all that we are to Him, and He will mold us into beautiful reflections of Himself.

He is transforming us, day by day, moment by moment, into glorious new creations when He is first in every way.

Only Jesus is the Center

Jesus is the center…only Jesus. Anything we place above Him is an idol and must be removed from our lives.

Imagine if a football team decided to have 3 centers playing at the same time. The quarterback falls back, yells “Hike,” and three balls come flying at him at once. I doubt he would catch even one much less make a great play!

Just as there can be only one center in football, there is only one center to your life—and it must be Jesus!  Only in Him do we have peace, joy, and victory.

Jesus is your Protection

Once the center hands the ball to the quarterback, he will do everything he can to protect the quarterback. As a massive, strong, often angry player charges ahead intent on squashing the quarterback, the center stands in the way and takes the brunt of the impact. He is focused on protection so the quarterback can fulfill his purpose.

Jesus stands between you and the enemy’s flaming arrows. He surrounds you with His love and fiercely stands guard over you. He has armies of angels with orders to protect.

God has designed you for a very special purpose, He has gifted you to fulfill it, and He is standing guard to protect you from the enemy trying to stop you–now it’s up to you to practice and and work hard to achieve it. You are not alone and He will never leave you. When He is first and you follow His leading, He will bring victory. That’s pretty amazing!

One final thought~

In football, the center will occasionally fail, allowing the quarterback to be sacked. Jesus never fails. Does that mean we will never face hardship? Not at all. This world is still fallen and subject to sin until the day Jesus returns. But, God will use our pain and suffering to grow us into maturity, and His peace is strongest when our struggle is the hardest.

God’s peace is truly beyond understanding when we are facing the worst. I have previously shared about our oldest son’s health struggles and about God’s incredible peace and healing. I know what it is to choose to trust God with the life of my child. I know all too well the depth of surrender when choosing to trust God when there seems to be no earthly hope. I also know the limitless depth of God’s peace in those painful times.

Whatever you are facing right now, whatever your trial, struggle, or hardship–you are not alone. Jesus offers peace, comfort, even joy through the pain–trust Him, make Him center of your life, and watch Him do amazing, miraculous things!


Lord Jesus, be my Center.

Lord, You are first. Reveal every area of my life that is elevated above You and give me the courage and strength to surrender completely to You. You, and only You, are my Lord, Savior, and King.

Direct my life—the direction, the speed, the velocity—every detail of my life happens only because of You. Direct me on a straight, narrow path that pleases You and leads to victory.

Protect me from the approaching enemy who is trying to destroy me. Stand guard in his way and block and deflect his every attempt to hurt me.

Control every moment. Make sure I am standing correctly, fulfilling my purpose, and would You direct my every step.

Above all, Jesus, would You be glorified in my life, and may my every thought, every word, every action bring me closer to You, and bring You glory.



With love and thanksgiving,




I would be honored to pray for you! If you have a need, feel free to share it and know that I will faithfully lift you in prayer. I hope you will join me on facebook or leave me a comment here and let me know how Jesus is working in your life and we can encourage each other as we grow in Him.

Season of New Beginnings: A Prayer for the First Day of Fall

A Prayer for this New Season


Happy First Day of Fall!


I pray that as you enter into this new season on the calendar, you enter into a fresh season of closeness with the Lord. Today is a new beginning, a fresh start, a cleansing of the old and a joyful, triumphant entry into the new. Embrace who you are in Christ, and move excitedly ahead toward what He has for you.


Enjoy this day and look forward, not back. Your King has great plans for you, not to harm you, but to give you a future. Embrace it and trust Him!


Father, thank You for this new season. Thank You for the crispness and freshness coming in the air. Thank You for loving me and carrying me through the past season, and I now embrace what You have for me in the days ahead. I trust You and I choose, right now, to surrender all I am to You, knowing You love me fully and faithfully. Strengthen me to live in obedience, encourage me to walk uprightly, empower me to speak boldly in Your name. It’s in Your name, Jesus, we pray. Amen!



Are you facing a challenge in the days ahead? Is God stirring something in your heart that scares you? Excites you? I would love to join you in prayer about whatever the coming days hold for you, and I would cherish your prayers for me. Comment below or on our facebook page and it would be my honor to pray for you.


Love and blessings abundantly!


Finding Abundant, Vibrant Life in Christ

Overwhelmed, weary, exhausted, struggling…

This describes most of us as we deal with our busy, over-scheduled lives.  We are so accustomed to being busy and feeling overwhelmed, it just seems normal. But we are made  for so much more! We are created with purpose and, filled with the Holy Spirit, we are to be salt, light, and hope to a scared, lost world.

How do we do that if we are overwhelmed with the everyday demands of life? How do we live the abundant, vibrant lives Christ has for us if we are always exhausted?

You and I can do all things in Christ–all things!  That includes overcoming weariness.  In His power, we can slow down, enjoy life, and become fruitful, productive, joyful people all the time.

Our circumstances are irrelevant!  Our joy depends on Christ!




So How Do We Overcome Emotional Struggles and Overwhelmed Exhaustion?


1.  Rest

Our bodies need rest, our souls need rest, and our spirits need rest.

We know this, but it can be hard to do.  We have a long to-do list and many people counting on us.  We can’t just stop and rest, can we?  We must!

God, in His infinite wisdom, designed His creation to operate in cycles and the importance of rest cannot be ignored.  If we are constantly operating in our own strength, trying to accomplish more and more, never stopping, never resting, we become inefficient and unproductive–exactly what we are trying to avoid!

“Be still and know that I am God”…God knows you need rest.  He knows you need time with Him to be refilled, refreshed, and refueled.  Don’t miss out on what He has for you by trying to do it all right now.

God declared a full day of rest after every six days of work.  Don’t think you can out work or out perform God!  In that day of rest, He will refresh you from the previous six days, and equip you for the next six.

Take time to rest!  Claim your Sabbath rest.  Claim your daily quiet time and give God time to transform you in every way.

“Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from Him” (Psalm 62:5)

2. Prayer

Direct, open communication with God is the fastest, surest way to avoid emotional struggles, and the most powerful way to overcome them!

God already knows what you need.  Ask Him for help.  Seek His guidance and wisdom for decisions and trust Him for the days ahead.

Pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere. (Ephesians 6:18)

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18).

3.  God’s Word

Read it. Cherish it. Savor it. God’s Holy Words of love and instruction are meant for you. Even when it seems impossible to comprehend, focus on a verse, a word, and ask God to reveal Himself.

God’s Word is light. It gives us direction and shatters the darkness.

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” (Psalm 119:105)

God’s Word is necessary. Only by reading, absorbing, and meditating on His Word do we learn to be like Christ. Through His Word, we are made whole, complete, and equipped to fulfill our calling.

All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.” (2 Timothy 3:16-17)

God’s Word is nourishment.

“But he answered, ‘It is written, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’” (Matthew 4:4)

Through His Word, God will bring you comfort, healing, inspiration, direction, wisdom, guidance, freedom, and, beloved, He will bring you peace.

4. Fellowship

We are created for community.  In times of sadness, grief, anxiety–when we are struggling emotionally, we often withdraw.  We must all be transparent and real with one another, loving like Christ, unafraid to show our weakness, loving and kind when others need our compassion.

Don’t hide your emotions and struggles from others.  We need a small group of fellow believers and friends circled around us in those difficult times.  And we need to be part of that circle for them.

Two are better than one because they have a good return for their labor.  For if either of them falls, the one will lift up his companion. But woe to the one who falls when there is not another to lift him up. (Ecclesiastes 4:9-10)

5. Praise

There is incredible power in our praise of the Lord. Our focus is taken off our troubles, and lifted to the Almighty. Choose to praise Him in the harshest of circumstances. He is faithful and He is our Rock and Refuge, and worthy to be praised!


Why, my soul, are you downcast?
Why so disturbed within me?
Put your hope in God,
for I will yet praise him,
my Savior and my God. (Psalm 42:11)


I want to find my purpose and fulfill it.  I want victory in every area of my life, and I want that for you too. Slow down, dear friend! Find rest in Christ and seek Him first. He will guide you and show you the way forward, but you must first let Him nourish your soul. Trust Him!


Lord, thank You for Your Holy Word. Deepen my desire to know You more, to hunger for Your Word and thirst for righteousness. Open my eyes and reveal deep, mysterious, and wondrous things through Your Word, and would You give me wisdom to understand, and courage to obey. Help me to slow down and not view every moment as a crisis, but to surrender to You and follow Your lead as You guide me. Give me a joyful heart and strengthen me to fulfill my purpose in Jesus’ name. Amen!


What would you add to this list? How do you overcome life’s struggles and find peace when life is busy and hard? I would love to hear from you, and I pray you are refreshed and renewed in the love and peace of Jesus!




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Deliverance From Distress Through Faith in Him

“Turn to me and be gracious to me, for I am lonely and afflicted. The troubles of my heart are enlarged; bring me out of my distress. Consider my affliction and my trouble, and forgive all my sins.” (Psalm 25:17-18, ESV)

My friend, are the troubles of your heart looming largeand threatening to rob you of joy and peace? When painful trials and difficulties arise, you still have hope. You are not alone to fight for yourself. You have a Champion, a Savior, a Warrior King who is fighting for you…and He is already victorious over this world!

Turn to God and ask Him to turn to you. Speak your fears and concerns–He already knows anyway!–but when you begin to list your struggles and seek His help, your situation may not immediately change, but you will!

Your fears will be replaced with trust, your doubts will fade, and faith will arise. Your weakness will be replaced with His strength when you rest in Him.

God knows what you are facing today and He alone can deliver you from distress. Turn to Him and let His peace and love hold you, comfort you, strengthen you, and sustain you to endure and overcome!

in Christ~*~

Father, please turn to me and be gracious. I am hurting and this situation is more than I can handle. I need You. I need Your presence, Your wisdom, and Your love. You know every detail and You know the best path forward. Please surround me and fill me with Your presence and reveal to me the next steps I should take, even if it is to remain still. Teach me to abide in You. Increase my faith and forgive my doubts and fears in the name of Jesus, Amen!


Perfect, Extreme, Unconditional Love

The Love of the Lord

You, my sweet friend, are dearly loved. Not as the world loves with conditions and expectations. No, you are loved with a perfect, extreme, and unconditional love that cannot be completely understood or explained with human wisdom.

You were loved before you were created. You were loved by a righteous, perfect God before you were His. You were loved by your Savior before you accepted or even knew Him. In Christ, you are forgiven, righteous, redeemed. You are a child of God, and you are loved.

You can’t make God love you more, and there’s nothing you can do to make Him love you less. With no limits, you are loved!

You are loved on your best days and you are loved on your worst. You are loved when you are faithful and loved when you stray. Obedient or disobedient, honest or deceitful, loving or mean…you are simply loved.

It’s All About God

But we don’t earn God’s love. God is love. It is His nature, His character. It is who He is. And you, His child, are loved–not because of anything you do, not because of who you are, but simply because of who God is and what Christ has already done!

What Should We Do?

How should we respond to God’s love? With love!

As you begin to grasp just how deeply loved and cherished you are, your heart begins to change. The love of God makes us want to love God and love others with the same love He has given us. Our love for God compels us to live righteously, to live a life pleasing and acceptable to Him–and that means loving people the way He loves us!

No matter what you are facing today, no matter what the enemy is trying to destroy, remember how loved you are.

Ask God to reveal His love for you in a fresh, new way today, to breathe life into areas of discouragement and despair. Seek Him today with your whole heart and let His love for you transform you into the image of His love!



Father, help me remember that I am Yours and I am loved. No matter what difficult situation or trial I am facing, help me live a life pleasing to You full of mercy, love and forgiveness. You are my strength and my refuge; in You, I am safe and I am loved. Help me begin to feel the depth and completeness of Your love for me, and help me then share that love with others. Help me look beyond myself and bring Your light and love to someone in need today. I know I am unworthy and undeserving, yet You love me. Thank You for loving me. Thank You for Jesus. In His name I pray, Amen!

The Love of Jesus

Living Free to Pursue God’s Will

“Since Jesus went through everything you’re going through and
more, learn to think like Him.  Think of your sufferings as a weaning from that old sinful habit of always expecting to get your own way.  Then you’ll be able to
live out your days free to pursue what God wants instead of being tyrannized by
what you want”  (The Message). 1 Peter 4:1-3

Living Free

I want to live free! I want to conquer my sinful habits of selfishness and pride.  I want to put aside foolish, childish thinking and develop mature, steadfast faith that can never be shaken.  How about you?  Freedom sounds pretty amazing, right?

It’s available, it’s right there, almost in grasp.  How do we get it?

We can wish for it…

“I wish I may, I wish I might, have this wish I wish tonight…” Do you remember this children’s rhyme? As kids, we would gaze up at the darkening sky, waiting for a glimpse of the first twinkling star.  As soon as it appeared, we would say this rhyme, make a wish, and then wait.  We never waited long though because even in our youth, we knew the star couldn’t give us what we asked.  We were wishing, hoping, waiting for something that we had no real hope of ever attaining–so we laughed and resumed chasing lightning bugs until we had to go inside.


We can pray for it!

Wishing is NOT the same as praying. Seeking God’s wisdom and guidance, asking Him for help…He already knows what we want and He knows what we need. He wants us to realize our dependence on Him and ask.

God does not want us tyrannized, especially by our own thoughts and selfish desires.

Imagine the biggest, shiniest, most perfect “thing” you’ve ever wanted. For each person the “thing” will be different, but the desire, the longing for it is the same. We want…clothes, shoes, jewelry, happiness, comfort…the list is endless.

But, God knows what we need.

And He knows the best way to give it to us.

Some things are a free gift–mercy, grace, salvation, peace!

Some things we must earn. Earning anything of value requires determination, diligence, a willingness to work toward the goal even in the face of great sacrifice, pain or loss.  It means never giving up until the race is over, the goal reached, the prize won.

Have you ever prayed for patience? What happened? If you’re like me and the many, many others I know who have done so, God answered your prayer by giving a situation in which you needed patience. He made us earn it by learning it!

Maturity, strength, integrity or wisdom…we must earn them. We don’t develop character by enjoying a problem free life of ease and comfort. We learn to grow in the struggle.

When we trust Jesus and follow Him, we grow.


Comfort leads to complacency, battles lead to strength, and complete trust in Jesus always leads to victory! Trust Jesus!



Choose Jesus, live free


Father, thank You for Your free gifts of grace, love, and salvation. Thank You for Jesus! Lord, where I need to grow and mature in my faith to be like Jesus, would You open my eyes to the opportunities You give me? Would You develop mature faith in me that I would never run from a challenge but rise up and stand on the truths of Your Word. Lord, I ask You to deepen, grow, and sustain my faith in You. I acknowledge that may mean a difficult path, but Lord, nothing means more to me than You. I want to know You more. I want to please You in my choices and my life. Change my heart and my attitude to reflect the love and mercy You have given me. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen. 


Would you like to read more about finding freedom in Christ? My book, 31 Days of Letting Go is a 31-day prayer journey finding freedom in Christ as we let go of idols, strongholds and everything else that holds us back from living a life of victory and freedom in Jesus.

Love and blessings!


Stop Helping the Enemy~Trust God for Victory!

Trusting God for Victory

Believer, our strength and power come from the Lord. Our hope and joy come from the Lord. No one–no power on earth or hell–can ever take that away!

But…we can give it away. Piece by piece, moment by moment, we can let the enemy bind, steal and destroy that which God is building in us. We can let busyness distract us from God’s call and purpose of our life.

Why would we choose to give away our hope? Our joy? Our strength?

We would never intentionally choose that!  Yet, we do it every day. Every time I allow fear to creep in and overshadow God’s promises of security; every time I let doubt overshadow God’s promises of wisdom; every time I allow busyness to drown out the voice of God–each and every time I listen to the world over the Word of God I give away a piece of my inheritance.

No MORE! The enemy cannot have even a shred of my hope, my joy, my strength, or my promises of God! Not even a shred! What the enemy has intended for my harm, God will use for my good.

The enemy will continue to fight me, but I will no longer help him defeat me through my own lack of faith, understanding, or blindness.

I will fight!

  • I will study God’s Word.
  • I will believe and trust in the promises of God.
  • I will stand strong in the strength of His might.
  • I will daily put on my armor.
  • I will not be naive to the schemes and lies which my enemy, the father of lies is using to try and destroy me. I will not believe his lies.
  • I will believe the Lord.
  • I will believe Scripture as the living, breathing, inerrant, holy Words of God, and I will continually and faithfully apply them to my life.

Beloved, we are in a battle whether we engage or not. We can have victory right here and right now when we trust God. We will have problems. We will have struggles. We will have pain.

BUT God…He will bring life-changing good from each and every moment of our lives if we let Him.

Join me today in saying, “No more!” We will not help the enemy through our unbelief or fear. We will not live distracted. We are not helpless victims being tossed around. We are warriors with divine weapons–let’s fight!


And it all begins with prayer:

Lord, Your Word is truth and it is my weapon against the lies of the enemy. Open my eyes to deeper understanding of Your Word, give me an unquenchable thirst for Your Word–to know it, love it, savor it and trust it! Thank You for the divine weapons You have given me. Now, would You strengthen me to daily pick them up, and use them with boldness, in Your power and in the strength of Your might. You have already overcome this world. I believe Your Word and I trust You. Help me live victoriously, bringing You honor and praise in Jesus’ name. Amen.


 I pray you are abundantly blessed with the fullness of Christ.

Love and blessings,


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The Beauty of Renewal and Rest

Genuine, Complete Rest in Christ

We are surrounded by the beauty and power of God. Through His creation, we are offered glimpses of His glory, and through His Word and His presence we are offered the blessings of rest and renewal from the busy chaos that screams for our attention.

Every day, we are offered a deep, genuine, lasting rest, but sadly, in our hurried, busy lives, we too often miss it…in our rush to get everything done, we miss Him.

But when we pause, take time to see the beauty around us, we will see glimpses of glory. When we spend time in His presence, we will always find rest and renewal. We will always find God when we seek Him for He never leaves us. He is always with us and always loves us~always!

God wants to touch your life today. He is calling to you and desires to bless you with His presence, His love, His peace, and His goodness. I know you’re busy. I know your schedule is full and there isn’t enough time to get it all done. I know fear, doubt and worry creep in overshadowing all else.

But in God’s strength, filled with His love, refreshed in His grace, you will find renewal. Dear one, you will find rest. Somehow, miraculously, if you make Him the priority, give Him your devotion and time, He will not only encourage you, He will transform you. He will take your weaknesses and equip you to accomplish His plan for you.

Spend time with God today. There’s no expectation of perfection or set rules to follow. Just seek Him. He is faithful and He will meet with you. Spend time in His Word, be renewed, refreshed, and encouraged, and get a glimpse of His glory… You won’t regret a single moment!

find rest 2

Prayer at HIS feet~

Lord, You are glorious and Your glory surrounds me. Help me not rush through my day and miss the beauty and majesty of You. Help me not be so consumed with my plans that I miss out on Yours. Lord, would You teach me to put You first. Flood my life with joy and peace and teach me to praise You regardless of my circumstances. The darkness of this world is no match for Your brilliant light. Strengthen me and equip me to stand strong against the enemy and bless me with victory. Shine Your light in my life, flood me with joy and peace, teach me to praise You regardless of my circumstances.

Personal Reflection: What lies am I believing? What is God revealing to me in His Word. How do I overcome darkness?

I pray you are blessed beyond measure…and please don’t forget to like and share ❤


Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. (John 1:3-5, NIV).

Overwhelmed by God

Overwhelmed by God

Dear one, are you weary and overcome with emotion in your current situation? You are not alone!

We will all be overwhelmed; it’s inevitable. We will have seasons of busyness, times of trouble, and days of doubt. Yet, in God’s grace and mercy, He gives us a choice, an important choice that affects everything else in our life.

We can choose what will overwhelm us…the world or our Lord!

We can be overwhelmed by the world.

This leads to stress, worry, fear, anxiety, busyness, health problems, chaos and death–every negative, painful emotion we can have.


We can be overwhelmed by God!

This leads us to peace, joy, and everlasting strength; calm, serenity, and tranquility–every good and perfect gift that our Father offers.

Let’s choose our loving Father!


Are you overwhelmed? Are your current circumstances more than you can handle on your own? Do you just feel weary and worn down?

There is comfort and peace in Christ! He is bigger than the problem and more powerful than the circumstance. He is with you and wants to give you rest.

Find peace in Him and trust His timing. Let Him replace your weariness with strength, your doubts with awe of Him, your fear with faith, and your turmoil with His perfect peace~be overwhelmed by Him!

Overwhelmed by God


Prayer at HIS feet

Lord, as I am overwhelmed and overcome…let me be overwhelmed and overcome only by You! Help me keep the problems of this world, and my temporary struggles in perspective. Teach me to see everything through Your eyes and from Your eternal vantage point. Strengthen me to remember You are my strength, my protector, my very present help in times of trouble.


You are loved, my friend, and you are never alone. I pray you are abundantly blessed and encouraged today.

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