The Eternal Gift of Christmas

It doesn’t feel like Christmas.

I shared those words a few years ago (you can read the original post here). This year isn’t really different; yet, in some ways, it is completely different! Life changes. The details of life–the who, what, where–it all changes, sometimes overnight. But the eternal gift of Christmas, the peace of Christ, never changes. He never changes, and His peace never changes–ever!

In the last few years, we have experienced healing–truly miraculous, medical-defying healing! We have had celebrations, victories, and many reasons to rejoice. We have also had chronic illness, tears, heartbreak, and devastating loss…we have faced struggles just as I imagine you and your family have.

Christmas is a time to celebrate, and an opportunity to remember.

As we prepare to celebrate Christmas in just a few short days, I’m reminded of our loved ones who aren’t going to be with us this year. My earthly heart aches to see their face, hear their voice, their laugh, feel the bear hug that would squeeze the breath out of me and let me know how much I’m loved, or to hold two precious baby nieces in my earthly arms rather than one.

But they’re not here. Jimmy, Buddy, Bill, Baby Harper…I’m sure you have someone you are missing as well. We all have loved ones celebrating with Jesus face to face. They are in paradise, no pain, no sadness, nothing but celebration and joy–a joy we can’t even imagine here on earth. So, while my heart aches to see them, my spirit rejoices for them and even longs for the day when we will join them!

Because of the hope we have in Christ, I know a joyous celebration awaits!

But it still hurts. Many are hurting. Many have lost loved ones. Many are struggling. The pain is deep and raw, and can sometimes feel overwhelming. How do we celebrate Christmas when we are hurting? How do we rejoice when we are grieving?

How do we get, and keep, the perfect peace of God? We go to Him, the Author of our faith, our Counselor, our friend. He is the Prince of Peace and He offers us His perfect, complete peace. We rest in Him.

 We can grieve and still have peace. We can cry and still have peace. We can…in all things, at all times, no matter what, we can still have peace. True, genuine, complete, eternal peace…

In Christ Alone! 

We are not alone. In Christ, we have a joy and hope that cannot be explained in human emotions or words.

We can’t always make sense of it. We may cry out “Why?” and we don’t always get an immediate answer. But He hears. We are never alone, not for a second. The LORD, God, is faithful, good, and true. We can trust, and thus, rest, in Him.

Through it all, the joy and the sorrow, God never leaves us. His peace is a prayer breath away, and even when we can’t feel it, we can know it to the depths of our being. His comforting presence, His upholding strength, His never-ending love are always with us!

His peace is perfect, complete, and eternal–and it is ours! Jesus has given us His peace for now, and for eternity. His peace is a gift for every believer and it is ours to accept and hold onto through the fiercest storm, the hottest fiery trial, the most devastating, earth shattering loss–through it all, we can have peace. 


Whatever this Christmas looks like for you, I pray you feel and know the overwhelming peace and comforting love of the Lord Jesus! As we celebrate the joys of this season, and also grieve the losses of the past, let us not lose sight of the promises, the joys, that the celebration Baby Jesus brings.

As we celebrate His birth, we must remember His death. As we remember His death, we get to celebrate His resurrection! And that changes everything!

His resurrection is the promise of redemption, forgiveness, and our glorious reunion in heaven one day with Him and with all those who have gone before us. That is truly a celebration!




Love and Blessings in Christ,





Are you struggling? Would you like to learn more about the peace of Christ? My prayer book, Jesus Peace, is a 31-day prayer journey of discovering, accepting, and growing in His free gift of His Peace. I hope you will order it and I pray you are blessed with the peace of Christ beyond human understanding!


Here is the original post on finding peace at Christmas. I pray you are encouraged and blessed!

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