Perfect, Extreme, Unconditional Love

The Love of the Lord

You, my sweet friend, are dearly loved. Not as the world loves with conditions and expectations. No, you are loved with a perfect, extreme, and unconditional love that cannot be completely understood or explained with human wisdom.

You were loved before you were created. You were loved by a righteous, perfect God before you were His. You were loved by your Savior before you accepted or even knew Him. In Christ, you are forgiven, righteous, redeemed. You are a child of God, and you are loved.

You can’t make God love you more, and there’s nothing you can do to make Him love you less. With no limits, you are loved!

You are loved on your best days and you are loved on your worst. You are loved when you are faithful and loved when you stray. Obedient or disobedient, honest or deceitful, loving or mean…you are simply loved.

It’s All About God

But we don’t earn God’s love. God is love. It is His nature, His character. It is who He is. And you, His child, are loved–not because of anything you do, not because of who you are, but simply because of who God is and what Christ has already done!

What Should We Do?

How should we respond to God’s love? With love!

As you begin to grasp just how deeply loved and cherished you are, your heart begins to change. The love of God makes us want to love God and love others with the same love He has given us. Our love for God compels us to live righteously, to live a life pleasing and acceptable to Him–and that means loving people the way He loves us!

No matter what you are facing today, no matter what the enemy is trying to destroy, remember how loved you are.

Ask God to reveal His love for you in a fresh, new way today, to breathe life into areas of discouragement and despair. Seek Him today with your whole heart and let His love for you transform you into the image of His love!



Father, help me remember that I am Yours and I am loved. No matter what difficult situation or trial I am facing, help me live a life pleasing to You full of mercy, love and forgiveness. You are my strength and my refuge; in You, I am safe and I am loved. Help me begin to feel the depth and completeness of Your love for me, and help me then share that love with others. Help me look beyond myself and bring Your light and love to someone in need today. I know I am unworthy and undeserving, yet You love me. Thank You for loving me. Thank You for Jesus. In His name I pray, Amen!

The Love of Jesus

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