A Brand New Creation in Christ

A Brand New Creation in Christ

You are a brand new creation in Christ Jesus. Whatever you once were, Jesus has washed it away. He has taken your dirty, old rags and made them into a beautiful, amazing, brand new masterpiece. You are not restored, reworked, or recycled. You are brand new! Rejoice today in your new life, new opportunities, new freedom, and complete forgiveness. You are loved and God has a special plan for you…get to it!

New Creation

Daily Prayer at His feet~

Lord, thank You for making me new. Thank You for taking my shame, guilt, and every past, present, and future sin, and declaring me clean, holy, and righteous. I am so unworthy, and I am so grateful for Your love. Help me see myself as You see me, Your beloved, Your cherished child…I am Yours. Teach me to walk in Your strength and in freedom, and equip me to share Your love and mercy with others. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

Time in the Word: 2 Corinthians 5


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Abundant blessings!


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