Perfect Peace at the Feet of Jesus

The Perfect Peace of Jesus~

Life is rarely peaceful. Sure, we may have peaceful moments, but daily life can be chaotic, overwhelming, and very, very busy. And it’s easy to let the chaos affect our mood, our thoughts, and even our plans.

Jesus offers peace. Not the peace of the world which can change in an instant, but His lasting, complete, perfect peace.

Are you struggling to find peace? Take a moment to rest in the presence of God, soak in the wisdom of His Word. Pause your busyness, and let Jesus fill you with His peace. Let Him refresh, recharge, and rejuvenate you. You will be strengthened for whatever the day brings, and His peace will never leave you!

perfect peace

Time in His Word: Isaiah 26

Daily Prayer

Lord Jesus, thank You for Your perfect peace. Forgive me for trying to handle life on my own, and in my own strength. Too often, I find myself empty, weary, and rushed. Remind me to pause and spend time at Your feet. Give me a deep hunger for Your Word and a thirst for Your presence. Be with me and make me keenly aware of You, and keep my thoughts and mind focused on You. I trust You with my life and I am in constant need of Your peace. In the name of Jesus, Amen!


Would you like to read more about the peace of Jesus? My devotional, Jesus Peace: 31 Days Finding Peace in His Presence is available in paperback or eBook and is available here as well as other online retailers.

You can find Faith to Soar on facebook, twitter, or pinterest I pray this prayer has blessed you and encouraged you, and if it has, I hope you will share it with someone else!

Abundant blessings!


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