Wise Choices, Wise Counsel

Making Wise Choices

In 2 Chronicles 22, God’s Word teaches about a young man only 22 years old who becomes king of Judah, Ahaziah. He was unworthy and reigned only one year in Jerusalem. His rule is defined by his bad choices, which are the result of wicked and evil advice from those around him, including even his own mother! The wickedness of his mother and trusted advisers influenced him and brought about his downfall.

in His Word: 2 Chronicles 22

at His feet Daily Prayer

Lord, please guide my thoughts and lead me to seek wise counsel. May my choices and decisions be based on Your Word. Guard my mouth and may I always teach only Your truth to my children, family, and friends. May those I love grow in the understanding of Your truth and seek after You, and may nothing I ever do or say lead them astray. Help me lead others towards You through my words and actions, and may Your love and mercy flow through me. Grant me wisdom and understanding of Your Word and truth. In Jesus’ name, Amen!


I would love to pray for you or connect with you. Please leave a comment with a prayer request (or just your name, God knows your need!). It would be my honor and delight to lift you in prayer.

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Be blessed,


2 thoughts on “Wise Choices, Wise Counsel

  1. Please pray for me to surrender to our Heavenly Fathers will and to become wise strong bold courageous steward. My wife and I seek the lords miracle in our life to have a baby. God bless y’all !

    Olay Pensacola Fl

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