Freedom in Christ

Freedom in Christ

July 4th is a day of celebration in America as we remember Independence Day, when we became a free nation under God with liberty and justice for all. It is a day to recognize and remember those who have selflessly and heroically fought and even died protecting for our freedom. It is a day to celebrate freedom.

Any freedom which a government can give, a government can also take away. Thankfully, though, true freedom, our freedom in Christ, is eternal.

Every believer is free in Christ. Every believer is co-heir with Jesus. If you are in Christ, you are free, and your freedom can never be taken away. You didn’t earn it, and none of us deserve it, but Christ gives it freely to each of us.

You have the power of the Holy Spirit in you and the love of Christ Jesus. You are blessed, forgiven, washed clean, and free, completely, truly free. Free from the consequences of sin and death. Free from all condemnation. Free from all guilt and shame~every sin is washed away in the blood of Christ and you are declared righteous and holy!

Enjoy today as a free, redeemed child of God, and give Him glory!


in His Word: 1 Peter 2

at His feet Daily Prayer~

Lord, thank You for Your love and mercy that makes me free. I thank You for the blood of Jesus that washes me clean and removes all my guilt, shame and stains of sin. Thank You for freeing me from sin and death. Strengthen me to walk in Your truth, empowered by Your Holy Spirit, and overflowing with Your love. Help me remember those still walking in captivity and darkness and shine Your light into their lives. Help me offer the same nonjudgmental love to them as You have given me. Thank You for loving me unconditionally. In Jesus’ name, Amen!


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Abundant blessings!


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