Strength to Persevere

Strength to Persevere

Are you weary, tired, ready to give up?

Find your strength to persevere in the Lord, lean on Him and seek His wisdom for your life. Perhaps you need a time of rest. Maybe you are doing more than He is calling you to do. But maybe, you are about to do something great for the Kingdom of God and just need a boost of strength and energy, a renewed focus and purpose that what you are doing matters for eternity. Find your strength in God, trust Him, seek Him, and follow Him wherever He leads!

let us not become weary

in His Word: Galatians 6

at His feet Daily Prayer

Lord, I am overwhelmed, weary, and in need of Your presence. Renew my spirit, revive my soul, and refuel my passion to serve You. Give me a clear sense of purpose for my life and remind me that in You, I matter. Help me find Your perfect will; give me the courage and strength to persevere in times of trial and testing. Make me to stand steadfast on Your promises and truth, and give me determination to fulfill all that You have for me. Help me boldly share Your love and Your Word with thoseΒ You’ve placed in my life. In Jesus’ name, Amen!


It would be my honor and delight to lift you in prayer and connect with you. Please leave a comment with your thoughts or prayer requests. You can also find Faith to Soar on facebook, twitter, or pinterest and I hope you will join me online in following Jesus wherever He leads!

If these prayers have encouraged you, please share them!

Abundant blessings!


11 thoughts on “Strength to Persevere

  1. Great prayer, thanks for sharing it! Prayer requests I can think of right now include continued comfort and peace for my husband after the loss of his mother, and for provision from the Lord maybe in the form of a new and well-paying job for hubby. Thank you for linking up at Biblical Womanhood for the Christian Fellowship Weekend! Hope to see you again next week. πŸ™‚ Have a blessed one!

    1. Thank you! I’m so sorry for his loss and will be lifting him and all your family in prayer for peace and comfort. I will also be praying for your husband’s job and would love to rejoice with you whenever God answers, and may His provision be abundant!!

  2. Sometimes I’m not physically tired but I just feel like I’m exhausted. This prayer is so refreshing and encouraging. Thank you for sharing this. πŸ™‚

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