Daily Prayer, 6/27/15~The Love of Jesus

The love of Jesus

God’s grace and mercy include an intense love for you. Remember today, whatever you are facing, whatever this day holds, You are cherished and God sings over you. You are not alone, and you are His beloved!

at His feet Daily Prayer~

God, You are love. You love me with an intense, infallible, unconditional, inexplicable, and unstoppable love, so deep You sent Jesus to take my place of punishment so I could be forgiven and reconciled to You. Thank you. Lord, fill me with Your Holy Spirit that I might love others the way You love me, the way You have called me to do.

Only as I spend time in Your presence can I be transformed to be like You. Give me a hunger for Your Word and a thirst for Your presence. Equip me with a fierce love for others that makes me look, sound, and act like You. When the world looks at me, may they only see Your mercy, grace and Your goodness, and may they be drawn to You through me. In the mighty name of Jesus, Amen!

Time in His Word: Romans 8:31-39

The Love of Jesus


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I pray you are abundantly blessed with the fullness of God!


2 thoughts on “Daily Prayer, 6/27/15~The Love of Jesus

  1. This word reminded me that no matter what is happening in the whole of my life, our Father loves me and I have always been shown favoratism, because Jesus paid for my sins. I know God is Love, and I’m reminded to love people as Jesus, our savior, commanded us to do.
    Great reminder to share the Word that is in my heart. I’m putting on my Christian Armor, and giving all I have to better reflect what God has so mercifully given to me.

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