Review for The Homemakers Quiet Time Journal

I was recently blessed to receive a free copy of The Homemaker’s Quiet Time Journal to review, and I LOVE it!

It is a wonderful resource written by Crystal Brothers of Serving Joyfully. It has been a blessing to me that has helped deepen my personal devotion time with God, and, although not necessary for the review, I love it so much I want to share it!

The journal is well laid out, organized, and helpful. It begins with helpful insights about the importance of a quiet time with the Lord, and offers practical tips on making that time a priority.

The journal pages are incredible!  I’ve printed the pages to put in a 3-ring notebook and have with me each morning as I read God’s Word.

My favorite things

* It is laid out clearly and keeps my thoughts organized.

* The prayer section. It is such a blessing to have an organized, all-in-one-place prayer journal with dates and prayer requests. It is so encouraging to go back and rejoice over God’s answers!

* The Bible verse on each page

* I love having my top 3 priorities listed on the same page that I’m praying over. It reminds me to seek God’s will , and keeps me focused on God’s priorities for the day.

The PDF file is $4.99 for the download and it is worth every penny. If you’re looking for an easy but effective way to organize your quiet time, give this a try!


“The journaling sheets offer the following sections (which are explained in more detail in the book):

  • 3 Things I’m grateful for;
  • Character trait I’m working on;
  • Who/What I’m praying for;
  • Bible study (includes passage/key verse/thoughts)
  • To-Do List (explained more in the book, but I believe praying over our to-do lists is a simple thing that can be life-changing)
  • Top 3 priorities for the day
  • A verse to inspire your quiet time


What do you use for your quiet, devotional time with the Lord? I would love to know if you try this one or have another way to focus on God and spend time with Him in His Word each day.

Abundant blessings!

This post is linked with Serving Joyfully where you can find blog posts on Christian faith and family. I hope you will go visit!

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