New Focus through Prayerful Perseverance

Prayerful Perseverance…

I attended a homeschool conference this past weekend–speakers, encouragement, and books as far as the eye can see.  College reps, curriculum sales, and Bible studies, all tempting in shiny new packages, all calling out as the perfect solution to our every need, each claiming to be the best.  Most are wonderful, but with limited time and a predetermined budget, I had to be choosy.  Each different booth offered wonderful resources.

But, things can be powerful tools, or they can be powerful distractions–depending on my focus.

One of the speakers, Rachael Carman of Apologia,, discussed the importance of “prayerful perseverance.”  This phrase has stuck with me and is realigning my homeschool direction and our family focus.  In many ways, we have lost focus, become distracted, forgotten the main thing–the goal.

But God in His mercy always offers us grace, a second chance, third chance, unlimited opportunities to fix our eyes and adjust our direction toward Him!


Prayerful Perseverance…

Prayerful–I will seek God, choosing to spend my time in His presence, putting Him first above the to-do list screaming for my attention.  I will choose to hear His still, small voice until it is all I hear.

Then, I will be amazed at how much more productive I can be when I live in His strength rather than my own! But that is not the goal.  The goal is life-changing fellowship with my Lord.

Prayer is not a quick word in the morning, or a few words before I go to sleep.  Prayer is fellowship, it is communication with our Creator.  It is freeing, equipping, encouraging, uplifting, strengthening…a readily available invitation into His presence.  He is always with us and He is always listening.  He is always speaking too, when we stop and listen.

Perseverance–I will stand strong, steadfast, and faithful to my Lord and do my best to stay on the path He has chosen for me.  I will not look to the left or right; I will not envy someone else’s path.  I will rejoice and enjoy my own, knowing He has already chosen the best way for each one of us…including me!


So, today, with prayerful perseverance, I face my day with focus–focus on God and His strength, focus on God and His love.  And when I begin to lose focus, I will prayerfully persevere asking God to bring me back to what matters, to re-focus!

I Will…

I will not do this life perfectly, but I will do it with my perfect Savior!

I will become distracted, but I will seek God daily to adjust my priorities and set my gaze on Him.

I will lose focus, but I will seek the Lord and trust His Word.  I will joyfully follow Him back to the path He has chosen for me.

I will be tempted by the next shiny new curriculum, the next, best…(fill in the blank), but I will not stray from the path He has chosen for me.  The grass is NOT always greener on the other side.  “The grass is greener where we water it.”  (I’ve heard this saying before, but I don’t know who to credit with this simple, powerful truth!)

I will wonder if I’m doing the best for my family, am I teaching my kids enough,…am I enough? Well, no, I’m not.  But I serve the One who is, and in Him, I have all I need!

Thank You Jesus that in You, I am enough.  In You, I have the strength to persevere.  In You, I can do all things because You give equip, lead and direct my steps.  Direct and redirect my focus to You.  In all things, in every moment, shift my focus to what matters and help me to prayerfully persevere to always bring You glory.  In Your name, amen!

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photo credit: #morningview {a wing and a prayer//longing of the soul} #distance via photopin (license)

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