Real Faith

What is real faith in God?

Real faith means trusting God when life is hard.  It is not giving in to worry, doubt, and insecurity when the bottom falls out.  It is finding strength and security in God, not circumstances, situations, things or people.  Real faith is hard!

When life is bouncing along and everything goes according to “the plan”, faith isn’t too difficult.  But when that late night phone call comes, on the way to the emergency room, less than enough in the bank…that’s when our faith is tested and we find out just how real (or superficial) it really is.

The Book of James talks about being grateful for our trials and hardships.  What?  Be grateful for pain?  Loss?  Yes!  We aren’t necessarily happy about the situation, but in the trial, we find God’s greatest comfort, and through the trial, we develop stronger, real faith.  We learn that God can be trusted, He is faithful, and we will be okay!  Eventually, our faith leads to eternity, so no matter what, as long as we trust God, we will be okay–everything will be okay!

During the trial, it can be hard to see to the end.  We need each other–our brothers and sisters in the faith–for encouragement and support.  Everyone is either in a trial, coming out of one, or heading into a new one–so be kind, loving and supportive to everyone.  Love like Christ always.  And, when life is hard, when we are the one hurting, don’t let pride prevent the sweet encouragement we need–let someone know what’s going on and give them the chance to love you through it.

In the power and love of Jesus, we can help each other and share His love, we can feel His love in all circumstances, when we love each other the way He loves us!

Who needs you today?  How can you show them the love of Jesus?  How can you accept it?

Lord, thank You for loving us and never ever leaving us alone to face our problems and storms of life.  Strengthen us, equip us, and comfort us to live every moment in Your presence.  Show us what it means to really love You and to love others!  In the name of Jesus, amen!

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