Filled with Awe

Awe…upon every single soul…and many wonders and signs! 
Awe is “an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, or fear, etc., produced by that which is grand, sublime, extremely powerful” (….
Who is more powerful than God?  What is grander than His Kingdom?  But, among His followers, where is our awe?  Where is our overwhelming love for our Savior?  We need more reverence, admiration, and yes, even fear and respect for the Lord.  We need awe to come upon us in our everyday, ordinary lives!
The believers in the early church were completely devoted to Christ and to one another.  Above all else, no matter what, they put God first and they loved each other.  No one among them went without.  No one among them suffered alone in silence.  No one among them was excluded.  They lived, worked, ate, prayed, worshiped, rejoiced, and even suffered together with Christ as the Head, Center, and Foundation of everything.  Their devotion to God, and to each other, was the central part of their lives.
This is not the kind of devotion we see in most churches today…and as a result, we don’t experience much awe, and even fewer signs and wonders!  The Holy Spirit is just as ready to fill us with awe; waiting to use us for jaw-dropping, life-changing wonders that will completely transform individuals, communities, and the world.  But as modern-day believers living in relative comfort, we are too often consumed with ourselves.  We must begin to see God for Who He is–all powerful, all knowing, all loving–and remember, it is God (not us) who is in charge. 
The Creator of the entire universe desires a relationship with each of us, and wants to use us to share His love with a hurting, dying world.  Yet we are often so consumed with our own plans, our own lives, our own worries, we have no time or concern for anyone but ourselves.  No more!  

It is time to live as true disciples of Christ!  It is time for us to stop living selfish, weak, powerless, awe-less lives–and live in the victory, freedom and power of Christ! 

v It is time to stop talking about reading our Bibles and actually read them!  With the Holy Spirit’s guidance, we need to learn to apply God’s Word to every thought, every action, and every decision, every day!

v It is time to stop saying we will pray for someone then never do it.  We need to pray with each other and for each other, every day!

v It is time to stop saying we are Christians and then live a life that looks nothing like Christ!

v It is time to love, help, and disciple each other, speaking the truth in love, encouraging others in the faith.

v It is time to be filled with awe and let God do some amazing wonders and signs in us, through us, and all around us!  

Lord, we need Your awe to come upon us.  Fill us to overflowing with holy devotion for You, and sincere love for Your people.  Help us look past our personal problems to focus on You and the needs of others.  Please do incredible signs and wonders in us, through us, and all around us.  In the name of Jesus, amen!

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