Paper Swords

My son loves to create and design new things, especially weapons.  Clay, Lego’s, paper, the medium doesn’t matter, he just loves to create.  When a package is delivered, it is just understood at our house that he gets the box.  We also know that there will quickly be cardboard swords, shields and all manner of newly designed weapons all over the house with battles to be fought, enemies to be defeated, and wars to be won—and there are no spectators, only soldiers! 
As believers, we also have battles to fight and a very real and devious enemy whose intent is to completely destroy us.  He will lie, cheat and try to deceive us, but make no mistake—whether we choose to engage in battle or not, we are at war!
Thankfully, our King, Jesus, has ultimately already won the war, but in His great mercy, there are still some POWs to be saved, so the battle rages on.  He has not left us unprotected though.  He has given us divine weapons and full armor including the Sword of the Spirit with which to fight.  He even fights for us!  It is up to us though to learn to use our weapons and to “get dressed” in our armor every day.
Dear brother or sister, are you battle weary?  Exhausted?  Battered and scarred?  Perhaps it is time for us to all do a weapons check and make sure we are fighting with the divine weapons God has given us and that we are covered head to toe in the armor of God. 
We must also make sure we truly know our Leader.  As believers, we all need to spend more time with the Lord daily and get our “orders” directly from Him.  Let Him heal our wounds and refresh us and fill us with fresh energy and hope.  He is our source of strength and He is our victory!
So what is our weapon?  The Sword of the Spirit—God’s word!  It is alive and active, sharper than any two-edged sword.  Jesus Himself used it when tempted by Satan.  As believers we must, for our loved ones, for the least and the lost, for ourselves, we must learn to love and to use God’s word!
So here’s the challenge—truly begin to read God’s word with fresh eyes and an open heart.  Ask God to give understanding and wisdom.  And begin to hide God’s word in our hearts—memorize it!  We can’t use it if we don’t know it!
The enemy knows God’s word better than we do!  It is time we raise our shields of faith against his fiery darts and stop swinging paper swords.  We must pick up the Sword of the Spirit and begin to fight as if souls depended on it—because they do!

Heavenly Father, thank You for loving me and for giving me the protection I need against a very real enemy.  Thank You for fighting for me and for Your gift of salvation.  Teach me to love Your word and give me a hunger for it.  Give me a deeper understanding and wisdom to apply it in my life.  Lord, more than anything, I want to know You more.  In Jesus’ name, amen! 

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