God’s Farmer

On first glance, this verse would be easy to dismiss as irrelevant…but God is showing me how critical and relevant it is– right now, today!  This verse jumped off the page for me today and really got me thinking about what it means to work the land.  Farmers must break up the hard soil, plant quality seeds, water and nourish the growing seed and baby plant, and then weed diligently to keep the plant healthy and protect it from the weeds that would steal its nutrients and destroy it.

Even though I’m not a farmer and I have no physical land to work, this verse is convicting and challenging because I do have my “land” and I have responsibilities to tend to those things God has put in my care…and the people! 

I want to have a teachable spirit and make a difference for God’s Kingdom!  So I must work and make sure the “land” of my heart (my thoughts, my attitudes, my words and actions, etc) is not getting hard and crusty.  I want my heart and my life to be soft and ready for whatever God has for me!

I want to be filled with truth and knowledge and reflect the glory of God!  So I must work to fill my life with only good quality seed-the Word and truth of God!  I must choose wisely the seed that is planted inside my heart and make sure it is holy and true.

I want to overflow with the love and power of the Holy Spirit!  So I must work to constantly surrender my wishes and desires and give Him complete Sovereignty in my life.  I must allow the Holy Spirit to fill me and renew me from the inside as I spend time in prayer and the Word.  Only God can change me–He will do the heavy lifting, but I must surrender my load!

I want to grow strong and healthy in the Lord and I want to make a difference in His Kingdom!  I want to fulfill His call on my life, I want to finish well and someday hear “well done”!  So I must work to continually pull the “weeds” from my life–those things that would distract me and lead me toward worthless pursuits.  Even “good” things become worthless if they lead me away from my God!  

So, today I realize I am a farmer in God’s Kingdom and my land is me.  I can’t sit back and rest or I will wither and brown and the weeds will overtake me.  I must work in order to see the glorious fruit that is to come!  I also realize that as a mom, a wife, a friend–every title in my life–I am a farmer to those I love and those I am called to love, which is everyone I meet!   Jesus told me (and you) to love others as He loves–so I must work!

Lord, God, help me focus on the things that matter today and not be distracted by worthless pursuits. Strengthen me to work diligently at the tasks You lay before me and may You be glorified by everything I do and say today. And tonight, when this day is over, may I have made a difference for Your Kingdom! In the mighty name of Jesus, Amen!

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