The Beauty of Hope

We need hope—without it, life can become unbearable, but with hope comes renewed energy, positive thinking, and determination.  Hope is indeed a beautiful thing!
Over the last few years our son Connor has faced very serious health problems with countless doctor’s visits, procedures, hospital stays and life-saving surgery.  Facing these dangers and situations has been scary, but the fact that doctors would rarely offer us much hope made it all the more difficult.  Specialists had no idea what was going on and were very clear with us that they had no idea what could happen.  We have continually heard words like “interesting” and “anomaly” but rarely words of encouragement or hope. 
After the life-saving decision to remove his spleen in 2011 and then a frightening stay in ICU, Connor miraculously began to improve—and we rejoiced!  But his doctors told us, “We have no idea what caused this, so we have no idea what to expect…he may never have another problem or he could develop serious complications or other problems at any time—we just don’t know.”  These are very scary words and when all you can do is rely on God for the next breath, that’s exactly what we have done. 
But the incredible fear that can come from the unknown especially in the absence of hope can be debilitating and overwhelming!  Through it all, God has always been faithful and gifted us with incredible peace beyond understanding!  He truly knows the best plan for us and we have learned to enjoy each day.  It’s amazing the perspective you gain when you are forced to constantly be aware of the possibility of fewer—or no—tomorrows!
We are now 3 weeks post-op from Connor’s most recent surgery but this time everything is completely different.  We have hope!  The doctors believe they have found the underlying problem and Lord willing, this surgery has fixed it!  Yes, we have no written guarantees and must still watch, wait, and trust God—but the difference hope has made is indescribable!  We are preparing for the future in exciting ways and talking about amazing possibilities…not what if’s—and those are two very, very different things!
The hope we have and the difference it is making in our lives is incredible and it reminds me how precious our hope in Christ is—it makes all the difference day-to-day and for eternity!  We are never, ever hopeless with Christ—rather we have abundant, never-ending hope that continues into eternity!
We don’t have to face tomorrow—even a scary tomorrow full of every sort of challenge and difficulty—with fear.  We can look forward to an eternity of joy, hope and love and be filled with indescribable peace even in the midst of the deepest pain.  This is the faithful gift of Jesus!

Are you facing a difficult or challenging situation?  Please leave a comment and let me know how I can pray for you!  Have a story of hope?  Please share it as encouragement for anyone facing a trial right now and share how God has blessed you with hope!

Heavenly Father, thank You for Your peace in the midst of painful and scary trials and situations!  Thank You for loving us and protecting us and never leaving us alone in this world of sin and struggle.  Thank You for the incredible hope we have in Jesus, Amen!


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