Prayers of Healing

I am so excited about my first book!  All glory and praise go to God who has blessed our family in such amazing ways!  The last few years have been full of illness and health struggles, but God has brought tremendous healing and peace beyond all understanding…He has also amazed us with miraculous and immediate healing!
Our health struggles have been incredibly scary and hard, and they aren’t over yet, but God has strengthened us with such incredible peace.  We are still in a season of waiting…waiting for test results, waiting for the doctors’ decisions for the best treatment plan, will Connor need surgery?  When will it be?  We don’t have these answers, but even in the uncertainty, we have peace!  God is with us and will never leave us nor forsake us!  He has always been faithful and He always will be.    
These prayers started as my personal cry to God for healing for my son, Connor, and also for me as I have struggled with fibromyalgia and chronic migraines.  Throughout it all, God has consistently worked all things out for our good.  While I would probably have chosen an easier path given the choice in the beginning, I would not give up a single lesson, blessing or encouragement that God has given me through it all… so even in the trial, I am grateful!  Grateful for His goodness, grateful for His peace, and grateful for His strength!  
It has been such a blessing for me to put this book of prayers together, and my hope and prayer is that this book would be a blessing to someone else who may be suffering, either in their own struggle or going through it with someone they love.  I can’t guarantee complete healing, only God sees the complete big picture and He alone knows what is best.  I have seen God do miraculous, jaw-dropping healing in an instant and I have also been learning many lessons of faith and trust while we wait, but either way, God is good and worthy to be praised and there is growth that happens through it all.   

This book is available on and also at my estore on Amazon’s Createspace at the following link:

 Prayers of Healing

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