A New Beginning

2014It’s here and already steamrolling ahead like a blur!

Since Thanksgiving, amid the joyous celebrations of family and Christmas, our family has experienced the near loss of our son, a week in the hospital, multiple medical tests and procedures, financial strain, and the loss of a very special loved one—but through it all, GOD IS FAITHFUL!  He never leaves us nor forsakes us and…
His peace, the peace beyond our understanding, is overwhelming!  As painful as this life can be, never forget dear one, God is with us and He will never stop holding us, never stop protecting us, and never stop loving us!  It is in the middle of the fire that He is the closest!
So, my only resolution this year is to enjoy this new beginning and trust God with every detail.  As the plaque on my wall says, “I don’t know what tomorrow holds, but I know who holds tomorrow!”   It is time to trust Him completely and let Him move in a mighty way through our lives!!

Thank You Father God for loving us!  Even in our darkest, ugliest, brokenness of sin, You loves us so much You sent Your very own Son to take our punishment and offer us a brighter, better life–thank You! You told us this life would have hardships, BUT You also told us not to worry because You have already overcome the world!  So Lord today teach us to trust You and love You and give us an excitement to further Your Kingdom as we enjoy this brand new year!  In Jesus’ powerful name-amen!

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