Staying Afloat

We recently drove to the beach at the beginning of a tropical storm. Having recently moved to coastal Georgia from the Gulf of Mexico, we wanted to see the big waves rolling in before it became too dangerous to be on the beach. We weren’t the only crazy ones out there, but the beach was fairly empty. Just a few others, like us, watching the power of the waves and enjoying just a glimpse of God’s might and power. The wind was howling and swirling so we didn’t stay long, but we walked up and down the shoreline in awe of the power of nature, and the glory of its creator.

The past 2 years have been something of a whirlwind and at times it seemed the winds of life were howling around us and we couldn’t get a solid footing on stable ground. There were days where I knew I could stand on God, my solid rock, but I felt like I was on my tiptoes trying to stay balanced on the edge of a cliff. God never left me though and there are countless life-changing blessings that never could have happened apart from the trials.

During the darkest times, my dear friend, Cyndi, an amazing blessing herself, reminded me what a Great big God we serve with a beautiful illustration that God had given her. She had me imagine being on a raft in the ocean and just relax, knowing my raft was safe and would go wherever the current would flow. Many times we have jokingly talked about our rafts and how it is such a relief to know we don’t have to always steer or navigate. We can just sit back and trust God, who is in complete control anyway.

God is my rock in times of trouble- and He is my raft on the seas. He will lead and guide me on the perfect course. Sometimes He will direct me safely away from the turbulent seas, but sometimes I have to go through them. It is in these rough seas that I can learn the most about myself and my God. My job isn’t to control every detail or even understand. I am called to trust and let God lead. So, I float on my raft in complete safety, trusting in my God.

Some days are harder than others. Thankfully, God is always in control and never leaves His throne. Nothing, nothing, takes Him by surprise. I can rest peacefully even in the most turbulent storms because I can trust my God! He is faithful and will keep my raft afloat. I can lay back and bask in the sunshine on the clear days, and I can hold on and trust Him through the most violent waves as they crash all around me. I know my God will never leave me nor forsake me- all I have to do is trust! And then when those perfect times of calm waters, clear skies and gorgeous sunshine come, they are all the more sweeter and I can appreciate them all the more!

Thank You LORD for loving me enough to keep me afloat and for never letting me go. Thank You for carrying me through the storms of life and for blessing me with so much more than I could ever deserve. You are my rock and my fortress-my raft- carrying me through safely to my destination of eternity with You. Strengthen me to remain steadfast in the storms so that I can remain true in the calm. Thank You for Your reassuring Presence, Your perfect peace, and Your unending love.

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