My Growing Seasons

His grace is enough

It is in the hardest, darkest times that I know this to be true. I can rejoice and be thankful even in trials because my Helper and Sustainer never leaves me. True meaningful lessons of joy are not taught in the happy times, but they are painfully learned through hardship, struggle and loss. I can be happy and joyful in the pleasant times, but true, life-changing, abundant joy takes root and begins to grow deep in the trials and painful seasons- the growing seasons!

Life is definitely marked by seasons. Seasons of joy, seasons of sadness. Seasons of laughter and seasons of tears. In the happy, easy times, when all seems right with the world, it is all too easy to go through my days and forget that my strength does not come from me. Even in these seasons of abundant blessings and the “easy” days, I am being supported, protected, and sustained by my Heavenly Father and Creator. He never leaves me or forsakes me- this is true in trials and in joys!

Inevitably, though, the hard days come bringing unexpected trials and unplanned tragedy.  It is in these times when I begin to realize just how loved and cared for I really am. Those mornings when it takes more strength to just get out of bed than I think I have, He overwhelms me with His neverending strength, indescribable peace, abundant hope, and measureless, limitless love. When life hurts so much, it seems to hurt to breathe- He is there to offer comfort, strength, and peace.

There are lessons that can only be learned in hardship. Lessons that teach about the God of the universe and His unfathomable love for me, His creation. I can choose to focus on the pain or struggle of the moment OR I can choose to focus on the One true God who can teach me, guide me and even heal me… all while learning of His infinite boundless love.  I am beginning to understand that this is where my joy through the trial comes from- I truly can rejoice even in the most pain-filled moments. I am realizing I am even grateful for the hardship not because of the pain of course, but rather because of the closeness it brings to God- when I truly and competely lean on Him and focus on Him, the peace and comfort is beyond words! Even though I don’t want the trial, I would not trade the presence and closeness of God so yes, I can be grateful in every circumstance, no matter what.  I am truly grateful for the seasons that bring pain, because they are the seasons that, if I allow them, will bring growth and maturity and bring me closer to my Savior!

LORD, help me choose to focus on You and not the temporary pains and trials of this life. You are the source of my strength, my rock, and my very present help in times of need. Thank You God even for my times of need and teaching me to draw close to You, to lean on You and to walk, live, and breathe in Your Holy Presence, for I know You are the lover of my soul. LORD God, I cherish You and thank You for Your complete and total love that surrounds me and upholds me. In the beautiful name of Jesus I come to You, for healing, comfort, strength, peace, and love. Amen.

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