Light in the Darkness

My family explored a cave today. We bought our tickets and followed the tour guide deep into the earth to see beautiful formations of limestone and rock, stalactytes and stalagmytes, and feel the cool damp air as we walked through the channels of rock.  It was thrilling to watch my children admire the beauty and savor the adventure of this fun excursion. The path we walked on was dimly lit but we could easily see where we were heading and were aware of curves in the path or low-lying rocks we would have to duck under. Others had gone before us and strategically placed lights, discreetly hidden among the rocks, to light our way and keep us safe.

God does the exact same thing for us on the path of our life. He brings light into our dark world and that light shines brightly. The dark cannot resist or hide from it. Whenever and whereve the light shines, the way is brighter and the darkess cannot overtake it. God has gone before us and has placed His light in our path to illuminate and guide us. He has given us His Holy Word to give us clear direction. He tells us when to watch our step, where to run ahead and when to stop and wait on Him. He tells us exactly which path to take and which to avoid. We do not have to try and feel our way through the darkness. If we will open our eyes and haerts to Him and choose to obey, the path is well-lit and safe. Yes, there will be times that the path is rocky and difficult, maybe even scary. But we never have to be afraid. Our tourguide not only knows the way, He created every detail of our journey and is shining a light on our every step- we simply need to trust Him and follow.

Thank You Lord God for Your amazing light that completely overtakes the darkness. Thank You for guiding me through this life and never leaving me. I trust You in every step and choose to follow You even when it doesn’t make sense to me or I can’t see the path ahead. I know You love me and have all things in Your control. I choose to follow You and I can’t wait to see the beauty and the adventure You have planned for me. Help me to be steadfast in following You and may I always stand firmly on the rock of Your truth. In the mighty name of Jesus, Amen.

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