The Pink Toothbrush

God promises us in His Word that He is faithful. He is all-powerful, all-knowing, and His grace is sufficient for all our needs. He can be trusted in all things, big and small, and sometimes, it is the seemingly small things that can become the biggest blessings! Sometimes, when our world is spinning out of control and all we can manage to do is hang on, something seemingly insignificant and small can grow to a huge worry. Sometimes that last straw can bring us crashing down. Yet, God sees all. He knows our hearts and what we can handle, and its in those moments, He holds us the closest and loves us the sweetest.

My dear sister in Christ and amazing friend Tiffany has steadfastly been a light for Jesus and a picture of a Proverbs 31 woman caring for and loving her family through times of blessings and times of struggle. Recently, her family has been in a season of hardship and struggle, yet they remain faithful and trusting in God, and He has been so faithful to care for and provide for them. They are a picture of a modern-day family struggling to make ends meet in a financially unstable world. They share the love of Christ with those around them when like so many of us, that is all they have to share. They are a family clinging to God through the storm and trusting Him to provide and that is exactly what our God does!

In one of those moments when one more thing is more than we can take, Tiffany broke down when she realized her sweet baby girl needed a new toothbrush and the budget was spent. There was nothing left yet the need remained. She cried out to God, and just cried, as she asked for help. God in His awesomeness heard her, just as He hears us all in our deepest times of need and answered in such a powerful and sweet way.  Not with a loud boom but with a sweet whisper of love and with the body of Christ answering their call to love one another. 

Bible study that evening brought more than the usual blessing of fellowship. She arrived with a heavy heart and anxious thoughts, but left refreshed, loved, and carrying a bag of groceries!  Because of the love and obedience of a sister in Christ, her family now had the essentials, but God had even more in mind.  Inside the bag of groceries was a brand new toothbrush, but not just any toothbrush, a little girl’s pink toothbrush- exactly what she needed most at that moment but no one knew but God!  That is the loving amazing God we serve! That is the power of Christian brothers and sisters simply living in obedience and being the hands and feet of Jesus!

We don’t need millions of dollars or fancy cars. We don’t need big ornate homes or an ocean view. We simply need to trust that the same God who holds the earth in the palm of His hand, also holds us and cares for us deeply, providing for our every need. He loves us more then we can imagine or even understand. He loves us too much to always give us what we want, but He always gives us what we need even when that is just a sweet reminder of that very love- even a pink toothbrush…. no, espeially a pink toothbrush!

LORD, we are in awe of Your goodness and Your unfathomable love for us! You see our deepest desires and You lavish Your love and blessings on us. You hold us tightly through the storm and sometimes even calm the storm, but either way, Your love sustains us and provides.  Lord, help us see Your blessings all around us and not be so busy or distracted we miss them. Help us not be so consumed in the big things that we miss the mighty display of love in the seemingly small things. Help us to remember that the small things are really what life is all about! Thank You God that You hear our cries, thank You for Your love and mercy, and Lord, thank You for pink toothbrushes exactly when we need them! In the name of Jesus, AMEN.

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