Christmas Morning

Christmas morning is a time full of anticipation, expectation and joy. Children all over the world can’t sleep the night before because they are so excited to wake up in the morning and find the amazing treasures and gifts that have been left for them, given freely without cost. They wake up earlier than usual, and rush to the source of the gifts, anxious to receive them. They just can’t wait another moment to begin this day and see all that it has for them with delight and joy.

I have been given an amazing gift too and I have the opportunity to experience Christmas morning every day. In fact, my Dad has offered to deepen my gifts and make them even bigger and better every day if I will let Him. Yet, unlike a little child, I often take these for granted. I lay in bed much longer than I should. I find mundane ordinary tasks to be more important than seeking out these amazing gifts that are meant just for me. My Father has prepared them and has them ready, but sometimes I miss out on them.

God’s mercies are new each and every morning and the Creator of the universe invites me into intimate fellowship with Him. I have accepted His gift of salvation, but He has so much more for me, more than I can even imagine.  He has gift wrapped treasures of abundant joy, immeasurable peace, and even a special purpose just for me. Yet, all too often, I settle for less and this shouldn’t be.  I want the best of what He has for me. I want all of His gifts, His plan, and His purpose!  So each morning I have a choice to make. I must choose to become a living sacrifice and this starts with my time. I want to trade in my junk for jewels and wake up every morning with the anticipation and joyous expectation of Christmas morning!

LORD, right now I surrender to You. Give me strength to choose You moment by moment and not accept the lesser things of this world. Open my eyes to Your wonders and Your Glory and the amazing gifts You have for me. Thank You for Jesus and the greatest gift of eternal salvation. Help me know You more and more each day and to fully grasp all that You have for me now and forevermore! Thank You for Christmas morning every day!

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