Looking Forward

Change can be so difficult, but it can also be exciting. God is showing me that it’s all in my perspective and my attitude.  I can embrace what God is doing in me and move ahead with complete trust and assurance or I can drag my feet and resist every new experience while I cling to the past and my memories.  God has an amazing plan for my life, but in order to completely grasp hold of every new thing He has for me, I must open my hand and release the old.  I have to let go of where I was and who I used to be and look ahead to the new plan that God has for me right here, right now. I must remember what God has done, but I can’t try and hold onto the past and resist the changes He is making in me and my life. 

Just as the Israelites erected a stone memorial after crossing the Jordan River, I must always remember the amazing things God has done in my life. At the appointed time, they Israelites left the river bank and moved forward following the path God had for them. I too must move forward toward the promised land God has for me. I can’t let my memories of what was keep me from fully embracing my right now. So I am making a choice. I am releasing my hold on the memories of my past. I am choosing to live in this moment, right where God has me now. I will not compare the new to the old. I will rejoice in every new experience and the endless possibilities of what God has for me.  I am looking ahead to the new thing, the new plan He has for me right here and right now. I surrender my thoughts and my plans to my Heavenly Father and I am going to simply follow the path laid out before me.

Thank You Father God for Your many blessings. Give me eyes to see what You are doing now. Strengthen me to remember the past but to live and enjoy every moment of the present! Thank You LORD for the memories of what You have done; now teach me to enjoy what You are doing!

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