Our Week with the Gentry’s

What a wonderful and fun time we have had with the Gentry’s this week! Cyndi and the girls came down from NC and have spent the week with us and it has been so much fun! The kids have had a great time playing and laughing and I think Cyndi and I have laughed even more than they have! We have explored Panama City and enjoyed the beach, Gulf World, the mall, and have spent hours just talking while the kids swim in the pool.
Gulf World was a great day! We saw dolphins, sea lions, sharks, and stingrays. The bird show was great too.  Garrett was chosen to go down front at the dolphin show and got to wave and “dance” with a dolphin through the glass and then they all got splashed which they loved! Carlie loved petting the sting rays and we all loved the sea lions and dolphin! It was a fun day filled with smiles and laughter! 
We also had a couple of perfect days at the beach! We went to St. Andrews State Park and spent the day playing in the waves, watching the fish swim by, and sitting in the sun. Sadly, a few of us did get a little sunburned but it was worth it! All the kids loved playing in the water and had a great day!
Connor and Morgan spent most of their time swimming and playing in the water, but also loved walking to the jetty and looking for seashells.  Garrett and Carlie built sandcastles, swam in the water and Garrett loved swimming with his mask and finding shells underwater! Garrett and Connor both also had a great time on their boogie boards, but they both wished the waves were a little bigger!  But the water was clear and beautiful and the weather was perfect!

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