Transforming a House into a Home

We have officially been in our new house now for 3 months, and we are finally beginning to feel like we are home. We have done a few things around the house and have lots more to do. We have cleaned up the yard, put in new carpet, and removed lots and lots of wallpaper, but it takes so much more than that to turn a house of walls, ceiling, and floors into a home of love, joy and a place of memories.
We have had a challenging beginning to our journey,but God has been so gracious and we are abundantly blessed! Now that we are home and everyone is healthy, we have been making some wonderful memories in our new house and beginning to make a home!  Every new joy and each laugh or cry has become part of our new memories. Family and friends have come (and are coming) to help us feel close and connected.  Their presence adds a feeling of family and helps us feel home. From Garrett’s silly dancing in the living room to painting Connor’s room, family time by the pool and late night movies, we are making new memories and turning the brick and mortar into a place of love. Each new day brings new adventures to enjoy and new lessons to grow us deeper in our faith and we are excited to see what God has planned for our family in our new home!

By Wisdom a house is built and through understanding it is established.
Proverbs 24:3

Street sign on the corner

Connor getting ready to tear down the wallpaper in Garrett’s room- I don’t think he misses the red flowers!

Garrett being silly in his wallpaper hat 🙂


The foyer and stairs before the new carpet.

Garrett getting ready to sweep the walkway and pick up pinecones


Our favorite part is our new backyard! We feel like we go on vacation every time we go outside 🙂  and the boys practically live in the pool. Rather than homeschool, we may have to do “pool school” next year LOL

All the boys chilling in the pool- what a handsome bunch!!

Sunroom before the furniture came. This is my favorite room!

Connor’s room is freshly painted- it looks great!!

Garrett painting his new creation

James and the boys in the kitchen the night of Garrett’s grandslam!

We are excited about our new journey and are enjoying getting settled into our new home. I will share more pictures along the way.

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