Missing Moments

I have become very aware of time, the passing of time to be exact. Every second moves forward, never to return. How many minutes, hours, even whole days have I wasted with completely meaningless activities? How many times have I told the boys “in a little while” only to be so busy that “later” came and went and we never did the thing they wanted- I missed it. How many sweet moments have I completely missed? I am painfully aware that I have missed far too many and I desperately want that to change!  Yes, we have to get housework done, and there are bills to be paid, errands to run, etc.  BUT I don’t want to miss my life because I’m too busy with insignificant details.

All too soon, these precious boys will become men and move on to fulfill their purpose in life. I pray that they are strong in the LORD, walking in truth, and always treat others with the love and grace they have been given by Jesus. I only have them for such a short time, and I am seeing that time escape through my fingertips. I don’t want any more wasted moments. No more empty days of meaningless activity.  I choose right now to live in the moments I am given- no more missing right now while I prepare for future things that may never come. No more missing moments of time that could have been filled with joy, laughter, and love.

Lord, please help me be aware of every moment in life. Help me really see my children and those around me with eternal eyesight and focus on what really matters. Stop me when I am wasting moments and re-direct me to the important things- relationship with You and with those in my life. It is a sacrifice of me, but You call us to be living sacrifices. Show me and equip me how to do this LORD, and help me not throw away any more sweet moments! In the name of Jesus, AMEN.

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