Baseball, Prayers, and Family

Tonight is Garrett’s last baseball game of the season.

He has learned so much about baseball this year and has improved his skills. But, he has also learned so much about life and how to be a better person. His coaches have taught him how to throw straighter and farther, but they have also shown him the importance of prayer. They have circled before every game and prayed for each other as a team, and recently, they have prayed for Connor and our family. That is a blessing and a testimony that I pray he will keep with him all his life. It is so important for our kids to not only hear us talk about prayer and our faith, but they should see it in action every single day. I am grateful that Garrett has been blessed with Godly men willing to coach and lead these young boys not only in sports but in life!

It has been so wonderful to see James and the boys growing closer together and playing ball together. As Connor gets stronger and feels better, I know the three of them will spend the summer throwing the ball, fishing, and enjoying each other. I am overwhelmed and so grateful that the boys have such an amazing, strong, Godly daddy to love them and play with them and lead them! We are truly blessed as a family and nothing, NOTHING, can separate us from the love of Christ!

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