Today’s gift of today

What a gift today is! I am overcome with grace and feelings of love and mercy! Connor is home and getting stronger by the day and I am praying to see each day as a gift. Today begins a new chapter in our lives as a family. We are all going to be more intentional about connecting with one another in deep meaningful ways. No more just going through the motions or being so busy all day that we miss the day. We will slow down, laugh more, love deeper, and try not to miss a single detail of what God has for us! Today is truly a gift but it will expire. I only get one gift at a time. One must end before I can have another and I only get one chance to enjoy and learn from this one. Help me God to use it to the fullest and not miss a single moment that You have for me. Help me teach my children to love you and to love others with every single day!

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