No more begging at the gate- I will walk in freedom!

In Acts 3, Peter heals the crippled man begging at the Beautiful Gate and the man not only walks, he jumps and goes with them into the temple courts praising God. I doubt the man would ever consider going back to beg at the gate ever again. Why would he? I picture him the next morning rejoicing, maybe going for a walk, and then setting about finding his new purpose with new strength and freedom, but certainly never begging again outside at the gate. He would want to do everything in his new power to get closer to God and be on the inside of what God is doing and enjoy every second of the amazing gift he was given.

Why then do I return to the gate and beg for healing and freedom from strongholds that God has already said He would release me from? I believe Jesus when He says He has overcome this world! I believe Him that He lifts me from the pit! Why them am I living in this crazy cycle of asking for freedom, enjoying it for a little while, and then giving it up only to return to the outside gate to beg again for the same thing? That’s is foolishness! I want to walk, jump, and rejoice in the complete healing and freedom that Christ has given me- and never ever return to the gate again except to help someone else up who may be there still unable to walk!

Lord, thank you for Your wonderful Word that shows amazing and wondrous things we do not know! Lord, I want freedom from every stronghold in my life. Some are more deeply rooted than others, some I’m holding onto tightly even though they are so self-destructive,  but I KNOW that You LORD have overcome them already and have promised me freedom- complete and everlasting freedom!  Lord, I choose right now to walk in that freedom, released from every stronghold. Help me stay there Lord. Equip me and strengthen me to never return to what I am now, but to only move forward in Your strength. Then Lord, when I am completely free and walking in that freedom, help me look back and return to the gate, not for myself, but to pull someone else up and help them to walk!

In the freeing, mighty name of Jesus, AMEN!

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